5 Reasons Why Print Still Works in the Digital Age

It’s never been more important to establish and optimize an online presence for your company than it is currently. However, the growing importance of digital media and advertisement has not negated the effectiveness of print materials. A successful marketing strategy for companies in today’s digital age must balance the immediacy and accessibility of online materials and the impact and persuasiveness of print materials.

In this blog, we list five reasons why print media remains an important part of connecting with your target audience.

  1. Authority

False information can show up in any medium. However, if you were to place the same incorrect or misleading content side-by-side on a flyer and on a computer screen, the tangible printed item would seem more trustworthy. This tendency to mistrust online sources generally stems from the fact that websites don’t necessarily list their sources or vetting processes, while printed materials are assumed to have survived careful review. For example, Wikipedia allows anyone to add or provide content.

You wouldn’t use your print materials to mislead your clients, but you can take advantage of the authority that print media still commands. Recognize that when you print your materials rather than posting them online, you create content in a manner that is almost universally considered more trustworthy.

  1. Format

Individuals consume content differently online than in print. Online formatting encourages scanning over material and prioritizes images over text. This characteristic often means that digital media must be more condensed and simple in order to get the point across. Even if you succeed in creating your best digital media, it could still be ignored. While an image in print can be immortalized and referenced for days, months or years.

  1. Lack of Distraction

In addition to the attention print media formats command when compared to digital materials, print formats also tend to deliver information more effectively. Many web users only spend a few seconds scanning each new piece of digital media. If your media doesn’t catch the users’ attention immediately, prospective clients may become distracted by animated page elements, videos, infographics, images, and other common forms of digital media, which often take them away from your message.

How many times have you thumbed through a catalog that arrived in your mailbox but online used the search function? When an individual receives a direct mailing, he or she is more likely to review the piece as a whole before moving on.

  1. Range of Circulation

While it may seem like the Internet is everywhere nowadays, not all of your target audience is plugged in all the time. Print media can reach individuals who never go online just as effectively as people who spend the majority of their time in cyberspace, and again the printed piece is easily shared and posted.

  1. Insert Printing

Have you ever noticed the small multi-paged, folded flyers attached to a jug of juice or in a box of granola? Insert printing gives brands an opportunity to serve an audience through products the individual has already purchased. In addition, with coupon incentives the shopper is encouraged to buy more and repeat purchases because of the discount.

Whatever print materials you need to optimize your business, from brochures to business cards, and the strategies behind them, trust Flottman Company. We provide a wide range of expert printing services to help your company thrive.