Promoting Sustainability: Green Printing and Package Ideas for Your Products

Whether you’re a school, tech company, pharmacy, or small local business, printing is an essential part of your marketing. With your consumer base turning toward earth-friendly initiatives, you can appeal to your client base by choosing green printing and packaging options.

As customers learn that you make an effort to use more environmentally conscious business practices, they can feel good about continuing to use your product. If you’re not sure where to get started, here are some green printing ideas for your business.

Recycled Mediums

Whether your main printing consumption is paper, plastic, or cardboard, you can choose recycled materials from each of the material types. If you print stylized business cards, for example, choose 100% recycled card stock. The color of the paper will have an “earthier” look, but that’s to your benefit.

You can explain the look and feel of recycled materials by printing a small memo on the back or bottom: “This card is printed on 100% recycled paper.” People reading the card and feel impressed that your business cares about choosing recycled products.

Bio-Friendly Ink

You can take things one step further and ask your printing company about the types of inks they offer. You might not be able to print full-color spreads of high resolution photos in earth-friendly ink, but for simple color and black and white printing, you can choose soy or other plant based inks.

With our pharmaceutical focus all our printing is done with environmentally friendly plant based inks. In addition, our printing is performed in a current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) compliant facility – few printers can say that!

More With Less

Printing memos, brochures, flyers, coupons, menus, and business cards will remain an essential part of your business promotion, even when coupled with online marketing efforts. However, many companies do not use printed mediums to their highest advantage, increasing waste. You want to design your printed items in a way so you can do more with less. You can do this by:

  • Creating a trademark for your business. Trademarks help people immediately know who you are and what you do with just a glance at your logo or business name.
  • Stating only the necessary information. Provide just the key points of your promotion. Provide a QR code and website to encourage people to connect online.
  • Using photos to the highest advantage. More is not always better. A well-designed image can catch the eye.

Green-minded customers gravitate toward simplicity. Clean, natural color with simple text can often be the best way to increase your notice.

If you have questions about simple ways to go green with your business printing and packing, contact us at Flottman Company. We are a recipient of the Cincinnati Business Courier’s Green Business Award.