Flottman Company’s Director of Marketing & Communications, Ed McMasters, a 2012 Graph Expo speaker was featured by VOCUS Media for his Media Success and how they can successfully promote companies like yours:

VOCUS Media blog features the Flottman Company, a digital communications provider that helps companies like yours communicate brilliantly and their New York Times article placement and the media momentum that followed:

The VOCUS Media blog features the Flottman Company, a digital communications provider that helps companies like yours communicate brilliantly.  Read about the Flottman’s New York Times article placement and the media momentum that followed:


The NEW C8000 Advances The Flottman Company To The Pinnacle Of Digital Printing

The Flottman Company has acquired Konica Minolta’s newest color digital press, the Bizhub PRESS C8000.  This press will enable Flottman Company to expand product offerings, boost efficiency and increase production capacity.

The Flottman Company, a market leader in variable data printing, marketing solutions and miniature folding installed the new Konica Minolta C8000 Bizhub Press – the print industry’s leading digital printing press as publicized at Drupa 2012.  This acquisition amplifies Flottman’s commitment to personalized variable data printing, on demand communications and short-run print fulfillment.

The Flottman Company will now be able to offer a variety of new paper stocks, thicker paper weights, more vibrant colors and richer tones, all with improved print quality.  One of the big benefits of upgrading our current Konica Minolta system to this state of the art machine is the reduced learning curve for our entire pre-press team.  All four of our current press operators are able to run the machine the moment installation was complete.

According to Tom Flottman CEO of the Flottman Company, “This new Digital Konica Minolta Press will enable us to expand our services and improve our production quality while cementing our industry representation as a leading digital printing service provider.  We researched a plethora of digital presses over the past year with the assistance of the Printing Industry of America.  In the end, our past experience with Konica Minolta and the service offered by Cincinnati’s own ProSource made our decision for us.”

The Konica Minolta® bizhub Press C8000 presents a revolution in color digital printing with an amazing 1200 DPI resolution and a blazing 4,800 full color pages per hour (80 full color pages per minute).  Heavyweight card stock, upwards of 15 point, can be fully duplexed with needed registration adjusted immediately in-line. The system includes an on-board, touch screen command center, powerful FIERY print management software and rip-times five to ten times faster than our previous press.

According to Flottman, “The purchase of the Konica Minolta C8000 is just one part of our strategic plan for continued, accelerated growth through 2013 that will include acquiring additional machinery, the hiring of skilled position personnel and new product offerings, positioning us well for future success.”

If you would like more information about the Flottman Company, to schedule an interview with Tom Flottman or Ed McMasters, please contact Ed McMasters (513) 470-9461 or e-mail Ed at emcmasters@nullFlottmanCo.com.

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Flottman Company Hires Don Tackett As Graphic Designer and Digital Press Operator

Don Tackett joins the Flottman Company’s Pre-Press Team and Will Direct Production of the New Konica Minolta Bizhub C8000

Cincinnati, Ohio – Northern Kentucky, September 18, 2012– Flottman Company is proud to welcome Don Tackett as the newest addition to our graphic design/marketing/pre press team. Working as a member of our pre-press team; Tackett will assume the duties of graphics design for Flottman’s Brilliant Communications Strategies, Pharmaceutical Literature and Digital Printing.  Tackett will also serve as an operator for our new Konica Minolta C8000 Bizhub Digital Print Press.

Tackettjoins Flottman Companywithover 17years’ graphic design experience, most recently asDesigneratThe Owens Group.Tackett has also performed as a freelance designer focusing on digital design and print publications.  Tackett is a graduate of The School of Advertising Art, Kettering, Ohio and is currently studying web design and interactive media at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

“We would like to welcome Don (Tackett) to the Flottman Company; hiring Don is part of our growth strategy aimed at advancing our Brilliant Communications programs,” states Tom Flottman, CEO, Flottman Company, “Don will become a vital part of our digital design team.”  

Tackett is a volunteer at Gateway Games & More in Eastgate, as a Competition Mediator and Educator.  Tackett is a resident of Eastgate, Ohio (Cincinnati) and lives with his two rescue cats; Jasper and Charlie.

If you would like more information about the Flottman Company please contact Ed McMasters (513) 470-9461 or e-mail Ed at emcmasters@nullFlottmanCo.com.

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Tom Flottman, Flottman Company CEO to be featured on WNKU’s BusinessWise program.

What: Crystal Faulkner of Cooney, Faulkner and Stevens will interview Tom Flottman CEO of the Flottman Company about the recent successes of the company, a discussion on what Brilliant Communications is and where the company and the industry plans to be in ten years.

Who: Tom Flottman, CEO of the Flottman Company, a 91 year old graphics communication firm specializing in marketing and design solutions, 1:1 personalized marketing, miniature folding and printing expertise.

Why: Celebration of Flottman Company’s 91st year in business and promotion of Flottman’s Brilliant Communications Marketing Strategy that uses personalized multi-channel communications to exponentially increase response rates and success.

Who Should Listen: Business professionals that are challenged with lead generation, have a desire to increase sales and want to improve client loyalty.

When: 5:45 pm, Thursday, November 8 and 5:45 pm, Friday, November 9

Where: WNKU-FM airs BusinessWise on 89.7, 105.9 & 104.1 (Cincinnati, OH – Northern Kentucky)

Listen via the internet at www.WNKU.org

Media Contact: Ed McMasters, Director of Marketing & Communications, Flottman Company, Inc

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Map Fold Informational Brochure


This multi‐folded, high gloss, informative brochure was designed, folded and tabbed as a product kit component, detailing product usage and medicinal contents.

This 32‐panel informational brochure is distributed along with the product to physicians and pharmacists and then shared with the patient. Previously, the brochure design included a multi‐page saddle stitch booklet that did not meet the company’s quality standards. The piece did not fit the company’s manufacturing process and was generating multiple production errors. The Flottman Company was able to take the information in the booklet and redesign the content into a 32 panel, 2‐ sided, 6‐fold, single sheet, informational pamphlet. By changing the design to a miniature folded piece; Braintree reduced expenses, eliminated down time and received a higher quality product that truly complimented their prep kit. The change far exceeded their quality requirements.

This initial product insert transformation has already spurred additional product line changes from booklets to inserts; all across the Braintree product repertoire.

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Saddle Stitched Ride‐a‐Long Brochure


This multi‐page, ride‐a‐long instructional brochure is designed to present the drug’s regiment step‐by‐step.

The Viibryd Vilazondone HCI brochure is beautifully designed to help patients follow their detailed drug regimen. The brochure is inserted in all sample packs of this drug, which is distributed to the medical sales companies to sell to practicing doctors on the values of the product and increase the understanding of the procedure. The literature brochure is also included with the drug from your pharmacist to provide patients with information and guidance through treatment. This brochure contains easy to follow instructions, information about the drug, pill side effects, usage and the risks associated with the drug.

This four‐color, saddle stitched and tabbed insert was printed, folded, stitched and tabbed.

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Security Features – Invisible Inks


Flottman Company adds multiple layers of security to our finished printed products. One example is our invisible ink printing, which is visible only under Ultra‐Violet light.

SecuRxperts represents multiple fraud deterrents that are printed directly on the literature. These numerous and diverse layers of security, including invisible inks, enable the Flottman Company to differentiate themselves from counterfeit reproductions. Our prevention solutions include multiple covert and overt security characteristics; well in advance of FDA regulations concerning security.

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Preassembled Folding Carton with Attached Insert


Convenience taken a step further with our insert attached directly to the carton during production; reducing errors, assembly time and labor costs.

Rxperts Printing Alliance provides pharmaceutical companies with a preassembled folding carton and attached insert which simplifies the packaging process, increases security and in turn becomes more cost efficient for the customer. In addition to our folding process we are able to secure our folded materials directly to the carton. Our Rxperts team can design, fold and assemble your entire package – with Rxperts we are the “Package Deal”. This carton is just one example of our production partnership that offers inserts, folding cartons, labeling and assembly all in‐line for one‐stop processing.

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Miniature Folded Insert/Outsert/Piggy-Back


Our pioneering folding and converting technologies enable us to create functional, informational and intriguing structures.

Our miniature folded pieces come in a variety of sizes to Communicate Brilliantly the plethora of information the U S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires to accompany each medication. RTA (Right Turn Angle) Inserts, Ribbon Folds, Cross‐Folds, epoxy sealed, trayed, shrink wrapped and packaged ‐ all while under 24/7 surveillance.

We print black and white or multi‐color, one or two sided, with one to a maximum of 238 folded panels. Our production facility is cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant and Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified. We work under strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and stringent quality control processes that are monitored, evaluated and tracked continuously – guaranteeing that your product will be delivered with utmost accuracy.


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Multiple Component Point‐of‐Purchase Display


Put your graduation picture on the cake, see the idea right here and make that purchase – with this sales kiosk, point‐of‐purchase advertising display.

Bakery Crafts was looking for an alternative to their traditional promotional materials. Flottman Company designed this point‐of‐purchase display as a cornerstone to all of Bakery Crafts graduation marketing. Combined with bound and laminated brochures, pricing sheets and contact cards, this three‐ dimensional display not only captured one’s attention but drove sales.

Regardless of shape or size from table top displays to banner backdrops, our breakthrough designs add dimensional interest to any environment and turn browsers into buyers.

The process: 6 color process, die cutting, lamination, binding, kitting, assembly and deliver.

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Unique Invisible Ink Printing


Looking for solutions to add security to your next project? You don’t have to look further than Flottman Company’s SecuRxpert invisible inks.

Angstrom Technologies Incorporated turned to us to produce advertising/sales slicks and swatch color cards to display several different security ink options. These inks needed to be printed with the ultimate precision to assure their invisibility component. In order to view the special inks you will need to use a UV black light. The true difficulty in the procedure is printing what is invisible to the naked eye.

The process: 6 color process inks and 8 color invisible inks.

Dimensional Product Catalogs


Bring elegance back with vibrant colors that will make a head turning presentation.

The Virgin Islands Holiday Catalog’s elegant design is enhanced with Flottman’s vibrant six colors printing. With the correct paper selection and the highest quality inks, this product has a holiday shine like no other. These catalogs become coffee table highlights extending the holiday season.

The process: 6 color ink process, aqueous coating, folded, saddle stitched.

Designer Pocket Folder


Tired of producing average pocket folders? Try a vertical pocket, a modified gate fold and then add a varnish finish to your project ‐ transforming your product to a level all its own.

Harper’s Point wanted to elevate their pocket folder design. The Flottman Company did just that by adding a soft touch coating creating a lasting impression by engaging the sense of touch. This award winning pocket folder has been the model for additional product lines within Harper’s Point portfolio.

The process: Four color print process, unique conversion and a soft touch coating creating a suede‐ like feel without utilizing more expensive stocks.

Die‐Cut Brochure


Tired of throwing CENT after CENT towards average printing techniques? You don’t have to bankrupt your account in order to enhance your presentation.

Try a simple die‐cut design that won’t break the bank but will turn heads with creative shapes. These pieces are continually requested by clients of the Bank and the bonus is the number of children that want to own their own large penny.

The process: Four color ink process and a simple die‐cut creating an intriguing structure adding visual interest to the Bank of Kentucky Brochure.

High‐End Saddle Stitched Marketing Brochure


Hunting for the right printing style? You don’t have to shoot very far to get a lasting impression worth mounting for your next print project.

The Seraphim Ranch brochure enhances the consumers experience through each page turn. This extremely high end, top quality sales catalog delivers the message like no other. Colorful full‐page imagery spreads add depth and reach to the piece. Our goal was to enhance the design with a rustic appeal by adding a dynamic varnish to the brochure establishing a tactical characteristic.

The process: Four color process inks throughout the brochure. A dull overprint, spot sandpaper coating was applied to create dimension and add interest to the surface. Saddle stitched finish.

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Pharmaceutical Miniature Folded Inserts

miniture folding

One of our core competencies is the production of miniature folded inserts for the pharmaceutical industry. (Click for Details)

Flottman Company has been a leader and innovator of miniature folded, regulatory compliant, printed materials for the past 40‐years. Our printing, folding and converting technologies enable us to create functional, informational and intriguing structures up to 238 folded panels. We have the capabilities to fold large sheets of paper down to the surface size of a US Quarter coin. Our miniature folded pieces provide product information and required medical specifications. These inserts provide US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandatory information in the finished form of inserts (placed in the package) and outserts (included on the bottle).

We have the capability to design and produce to your exact specifications and within all Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). We can meet your toughest deadlines, provide unmatched quality and offer the most competitive pricing. For more examples of our pharmaceutical capabilities click here.

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Accordion Fold Instructional Insert


This black and white insert is designed to be industrial worker friendly; informative, instructional, graphic and with a finish size easily filed with other project materials.

This projects open size of 81⁄2” x 11” (notebook size) was selected so that these instructions could be filed uniformly with other project materials. The folding of the piece enabled it to be packaged prominently with the product.

Finished Product:

Accordion Fold

Finish Size:

2⅛” x 2¾”

Open Size:

8½ ” x 11”

The Swagelok custom product insert has a targeted audience of industrial labors that work daily with these materials and need information immediately at their disposal. We design, layout and complete this insert with packaging specifications as our primary guideline. The black and white printing helps to contain costs. The finished 2” x 23⁄4” insert receives an epoxy seal that streamlines the assembly process enabling an additional cost saving. Moving Swagelok’s entire product line to Flottman folded inserts has save Swagelok assembly time and money.

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Blister‐Pack Folded Insert


Informative blister‐pack insert, designed with stringent finish size specifications for easy packaging; incorporating branded colors for additional marketing and labeling.

This uniformed miniature “strip‐fold” piece provides the needed content space to supply detailed instructions for multiple products. The dimensions of the finished size and reduced weight enabled a packaging cost savings.

Finished Product:

Tri-Fold – Roll Fold

Finish Size:

2” x 1 ¼”

Open Size

4” x 22”

The mandated editorial content was immense yet the packaging space was minimal, thus the miniature folding solution. The Protec Cleaning Cartridge insert was placed directly into the blister‐pack. The finish size of this insert, enabled Kaz Incorporated to enhance their packaging design with a blister‐pack and instantly reduce their material costs. The folded piece includes detailed instructions on how to employ the cleaning cartridge, a list of frequently asked questions and branded promotional advertising. The insert was designed to “fit”, inform, market and sell.

Tri‐Fold Informational Insert


This Bernardin insert provides step by step instructions for successful canning. This two‐ sided, four‐color, bi‐lingual piece was used for both their Canadian and US markets.

This four‐color, 12‐panel (6 congruent panels/side), duel fold insert was packaged with all Bernardin Pectin products. The finish size of our glue‐tabbed insert was designed to be easily assembled in line with the product and placed directly into the product package.

Finished Product:

Tri-Fold – Roll Fold

Finish Size:

2¾” x 2⅝”

Open Size

17” x 7⅞”

The Bernardin insert provides tips and directions on how to use the pectin to prepare, cook, process and freeze jams for canning. The multi‐lingual content (one‐side of the inset was in English and the other side in French) insert included success tips, testimonials and contact information. Subsequent inserts contained coupons and special offers as well as an invitation to share best recipes online to enhance marketing.

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