4 Ways to Design Marketing Materials with Millennials in Mind

da27d0a6-bb79-4557-aa43-8c006060bb14Millennials make up a group that encompasses more than 70 million people. Consumers in this age bracket don’t just represent a large buying force, they also represent a generation that is vastly different from previous ones.

Consequently, effectively pursuing the millennial consumer requires a unique approach. If you’re currently targeting this demographic, or have plans to, learn what steps we, at Flottman Company, take to design marketing materials that specifically have millennials in mind.

1. Be Specific about Your Target

Millennials typically range from 18 to 34 years of age. It’s important to understand that, while they are often grouped, there is a significant difference between someone who is 18 and someone who is 34. Know exactly what spectrum of the range you are targeting your marketing efforts toward.

The age of your audience is particularly important in terms of delivery. For example, a consumer toward the lower end of the age range might be less apt to read a direct mail brochure than someone on the higher end. For a younger target, a social media post or digital brochure might be better suited to deliver a message. When you know the target, you can more efficiently hit the mark.

2. Lead In with the Important Details

The average Internet search yields more than 75 million results in less than one second. When you pair this with the fact that 55% of all millennials regularly use search engines, it’s fair to surmise that individuals in this group have grown accustomed to getting the information they want and need rather quickly. Keep this in mind when preparing content for your printed materials.

Arrange content so that the most relevant or attention-grabbing information is at the very beginning. Even if you can’t keep their attention for the duration of the printed marketing piece, readers will at least walk away with the most important details you wanted to relay.

3. Offer Some Form of Gratification

Millennials have grown up in an era where they are gratified almost instantly with everything they do. For example, when a new artist releases an album, there is no longer a need to waste time driving to the record store and returning home to listen to it. Young adults can directly download the album and stream it within a matter of minutes from their smartphone or another device.

If you want to create effective marketing materials, you must provide some form of gratification. For printed materials, vertical coupon tear-offs are a great idea. For digital materials, a link to a free trial or a product offer are good options. These instant rewards peak interest and promote your product or service while providing that needed gratification.

4. Don’t Just Sell a Product: Sell a Purpose

Social media and search engine access have made millennials more sophisticated consumers. If you’re only trying to sell a product for what it is, you may fall short. Millennials want to know how your product or service is different or how it will enhance their lives. Your product needs a purpose to interest millenials. Effectively provide this level of depth by mindfully discussing your products in your marketing efforts.

For instance, don’t just state “All products made from 100% recyclable materials.” It’s more effective to say, “We’re partnering with you to protect the environment by designing all products with 100% recyclable materials.” Each statement has the same information, but the latter statement (with a little word-smithing from our content strategist) creates a connection with the consumer and provides purpose.

Effective marketing practices serve as an integral part of the success of any business, including yours. The Flottman Company’s marketing team at FUSIONWRX can help you reach out to millennials in a more effective and precise way by implementing these strategies and many others. Call or email us and let’s connect!