5 Powerful Ways to Make a Big Impact With Your Direct Mail

paperworkPrinted marketing materials are far from dead; in fact, print content, including direct mail, is alive and well. However, getting your materials opened and read requires some planning on your part. Below are a few strategies you should adopt when creating printed marketing content to be sent by mail.

Hand-Write the Address

When it comes to getting your envelopes opened, there is nothing that can match using a handwritten address. In fact, it is an automatic reaction to open an envelope that bears the handwriting of another person; many people simply won’t throw away a hand-addressed envelope.

If you are concerned about the time it takes to hand-write an address, keep in mind that many marketing companies will perform this service for a small fee. Most of these companies will also place a stamp, instead of using a meter or label, to increase the personal appeal of the mailing.

Choose an Envelope Design Carefully

Another important consideration when creating marketing materials is the need to carefully choose the envelope design. The design you choose can make the difference between an opened envelope and one that is immediately tossed into the trash.

While you have lots of options, one current trend is to keep written content to a minimum on the outside of envelopes. In other words, avoid overexposing your content too early and keep the reader guessing as to what is inside the envelope.

Be careful that you don’t go too far with this approach, however. For example, it is not unusual to receive an envelope that bears a resemblance to a check or other important document. This approach is intended to “trick” the recipient into opening the envelope. While this may work, many people may react angrily and toss the envelope and contents upon discovering they were tricked.

Embrace Simple Sophistication

As touched upon above, there is a pro-simplicity movement currently in place. This trend holds to the belief that simplicity in design and content is powerful in its appeal to people. “Less is enough” is one way to characterize this contemporary trend, and it definitely applies to direct mail materials.

You can capitalize on this trend by ensuring your print materials are centered on simple themes and designs. Be careful that you don’t mistake “simple” for “simplistic,” however, as there still needs to be a degree of sophistication in your content. Would-be readers will rapidly dismiss any content that appears to be poorly executed in its design, so be careful in the construction of your marketing materials.

Include Useful Content

Another way to make your direct mail message resonate is by including useful content. Marketing materials that don’t provide meaningful or useful content won’t have the same long-term impact.

Useful content can take on many forms, including reference material, free samples, and other items. Be sure that your content is actually useful; a sales pitch packaged as a gift will be exposed and can discredit your entire effort.

Use Personalized Messaging

In the current era, consumers expect to be able to have their individual desires fulfilled. You can tap into this need by structuring your message in a personalized format.

Personalization goes well beyond using a customer name on the salutation line, however. It means altering the content to reflect a personalized approach. For example, you can personalize a printed piece by making recommendations based on whatever demographic or buying habits information you have available about a customer.

When personalizing your materials, it is important that you are able to make relevant connections. Be sure your marketing data is correct and avoid making random, possibly incorrect, assumptions. A piece that isn’t personalized correctly will have an opposite effect by driving customers away.

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