Accordion Fold Instructional Insert


This black and white insert is designed to be industrial worker friendly; informative, instructional, graphic and with a finish size easily filed with other project materials.

This projects open size of 81⁄2” x 11” (notebook size) was selected so that these instructions could be filed uniformly with other project materials. The folding of the piece enabled it to be packaged prominently with the product.

Finished Product:

Accordion Fold

Finish Size:

2⅛” x 2¾”

Open Size:

8½ ” x 11”

The Swagelok custom product insert has a targeted audience of industrial labors that work daily with these materials and need information immediately at their disposal. We design, layout and complete this insert with packaging specifications as our primary guideline. The black and white printing helps to contain costs. The finished 2” x 23⁄4” insert receives an epoxy seal that streamlines the assembly process enabling an additional cost saving. Moving Swagelok’s entire product line to Flottman folded inserts has save Swagelok assembly time and money.