Tri‐Fold Informational Insert


This Bernardin insert provides step by step instructions for successful canning. This two‐ sided, four‐color, bi‐lingual piece was used for both their Canadian and US markets.

This four‐color, 12‐panel (6 congruent panels/side), duel fold insert was packaged with all Bernardin Pectin products. The finish size of our glue‐tabbed insert was designed to be easily assembled in line with the product and placed directly into the product package.

Finished Product:

Tri-Fold – Roll Fold

Finish Size:

2¾” x 2⅝”

Open Size

17” x 7⅞”

The Bernardin insert provides tips and directions on how to use the pectin to prepare, cook, process and freeze jams for canning. The multi‐lingual content (one‐side of the inset was in English and the other side in French) insert included success tips, testimonials and contact information. Subsequent inserts contained coupons and special offers as well as an invitation to share best recipes online to enhance marketing.