Blister‐Pack Folded Insert


Informative blister‐pack insert, designed with stringent finish size specifications for easy packaging; incorporating branded colors for additional marketing and labeling.

This uniformed miniature “strip‐fold” piece provides the needed content space to supply detailed instructions for multiple products. The dimensions of the finished size and reduced weight enabled a packaging cost savings.

Finished Product:

Tri-Fold – Roll Fold

Finish Size:

2” x 1 ¼”

Open Size

4” x 22”

The mandated editorial content was immense yet the packaging space was minimal, thus the miniature folding solution. The Protec Cleaning Cartridge insert was placed directly into the blister‐pack. The finish size of this insert, enabled Kaz Incorporated to enhance their packaging design with a blister‐pack and instantly reduce their material costs. The folded piece includes detailed instructions on how to employ the cleaning cartridge, a list of frequently asked questions and branded promotional advertising. The insert was designed to “fit”, inform, market and sell.