You Are Here: 5 Tips to Create an Effective Event or Property Map

b52f5e02-92dd-4e41-94a0-f3e48553c6a3Maps are one of the most effective ways to communicate spatial information, especially about unfamiliar areas. As a business owner, you may need to create a map when you hold an event or if you run a destination business. For example, a map can help guests navigate a trade show or find a wedding venue.

However, creating a map on your own can be difficult. In addition to the basic information about the area, such as street names, you must also consider what other information to add, how to effectively convey your message and the best way to reproduce and distribute the finished map. In this blog, we list five tips to help you create your own map.

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Design a Winning Business Card

5cd75c79-7af3-4902-8b7c-e5d48ae74aceYour business card is like a tiny billboard promoting your business, and it needs to stand out and draw consumer/client attention at first glance. The way you design your business card can make all the difference between having a viable marketing tool and supplying potential leads with a fancy piece of scratch paper.

Designing the ideal business card is key to your promotional success. Here are tips to make a winning business card that leads to greater brand awareness.

Use a Unique Medium

There are many ways to make a business card stand out simply by the type of material it’s printed on. Choose a medium that most complements your field or niche using these common materials: metal, recycled plastic, wood or classic paper. Even classic paper business cards can be made from recycled or metallic-sheen materials to give them a unique texture and appearance. Continue reading

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The Many Types of Print Collateral at Pharmaceutical Reps’ Disposal

d7a4a1c8-de0c-4cb8-b309-0335c47c9448A pharmaceutical representative’s work is largely to network with medical professionals and promote the product the representative’s company manufactures. One of the tools pharmaceutical reps have at their disposal to accomplish these goals is a variety of print materials. If you’re a pharmaceutical rep, here are several types of print collateral you can use.

Business Cards So Providers Can Contact You

Business cards are an integral component of any professional’s print materials, and they’re especially important for professionals who must network extensively. Continue reading

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4 Dos and Don’ts of Designing Your Brochure

Girl at a desk
Print marketing remains a very effective way to get the word out about your business, service and/or product. There are many elements to print marketing, and it is up to you to select the tool that is going to help you reach your audience in the most effective and beneficial way. For many businesses, brochures are that tool.

With the right layout, design and verbiage, a brochure can really take your business to the next level. Therefore, it is important to take your time in designing your brochure to ensure that it serves its purpose as an effective marketing tool. You want your brochure to inform, impress, and move the reader to action. With that being said, there are some dos and don’ts to consider as you are creating your brochure.

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4 Ways to Design Marketing Materials with Millennials in Mind

da27d0a6-bb79-4557-aa43-8c006060bb14Millennials make up a group that encompasses more than 70 million people. Consumers in this age bracket don’t just represent a large buying force, they also represent a generation that is vastly different from previous ones.

Consequently, effectively pursuing the millennial consumer requires a unique approach. If you’re currently targeting this demographic, or have plans to, learn what steps we, at Flottman Company, take to design marketing materials that specifically have millennials in mind. Continue reading

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4 Printing Techniques That Help Brochures Stand Out


Brochures remain an effective marketing tool. In order to create a successful brochure, though, you have to make one that grabs people’s attention. While great copywriting and beautiful images are essential, there are also some printing techniques that can help make a brochure pop and capture people’s attention.

Use Four-Color Printing to Bring Out Images and Text

First and foremost, brochures should be printed using four-color printing. With today’s digital printing technology, four-color printing is affordable — especially when done at scale. It’s also the printing technique that will best showcase your brochure. With four-color printing, both a brochure text and its images will stand out.

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4 Reasons Business Cards Are Still Important

cardIn today’s digital world, potential customers can find the information they are searching for with just a click of a button. The Internet allows businesses to reach a world-wide audience merely by having a website. This begs the question, why would you still need a business card to promote your business?

There are actually many reasons that having a well-designed, professionally printed business card is still important. Here are four of them.

1. Business Cards Provide a Quick and Easy Way to Give Out Pertinent Information

Have you ever met a potential client and have had to take the time to scribble down your contact information? Continue reading

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An Ounce of Prevention: How to Confidently Proofread Your Business Documents

womanCommunication is vital for any business. The ability to be clear, approachable and professional when sharing information or conversing with both clients and business partners can add money to your bottom line and years to your company’s life.

But, chances are you didn’t get into business because you’re a communications expert. So, how can you improve your skills at written projects for your company? Here’s a handy guide to proofing your work to make it really shine.

Always Proofread

There’s probably not a writer in the world who can write perfectly without going back over their work. Continue reading

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How Can Packaging Inserts and On-Package Coupons Increase Your Sales?

couponsIf you manufacture items for retail sale, you’re probably always on the lookout for new marketing tips and tricks to increase your sales presence. In today’s fast-paced and tech-heavy society, it can be tempting to move away from physical coupons, brochures, and other marketing materials in favor of online-only advertisements; however, doing so can leave a fairly large portion of your potential market untapped.

Often, marketing materials like packaging inserts and on-package coupons can give your items an edge over other products, even those that are usually available at a lower price point.

Read on to learn more about what makes these marketing methods so successful, as well as some of the factors you’ll want to consider when pursing on-package coupons and packaging inserts for your own retail products.  Continue reading

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5 Tips To Come Up With A Killer Logo For Your Small Business

peopleWhether you’re starting a new business or growing an established one, creating an eye-catching and successful logo is key to building a brand that customers will remember.

However, if you don’t have the budget to spend a lot of money hiring professionals to design your logo, it can be daunting to try doing it yourself. So, how can you make your own logo a great one? Here are 5 tips for any business.

Find Your Message

Before you begin designing, sit down and write out on paper what you want to convey with your logo. If you’re an accounting business, for example, you may want to send a message of accuracy, stability, or precision. A document delivery service, on the other hand, probably wants a logo that reflects speed and motion. Continue reading

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5 Powerful Ways to Make a Big Impact With Your Direct Mail

paperworkPrinted marketing materials are far from dead; in fact, print content, including direct mail, is alive and well. However, getting your materials opened and read requires some planning on your part. Below are a few strategies you should adopt when creating printed marketing content to be sent by mail.

Hand-Write the Address

When it comes to getting your envelopes opened, there is nothing that can match using a handwritten address. In fact, it is an automatic reaction to open an envelope that bears the handwriting of another person; many people simply won’t throw away a hand-addressed envelope. Continue reading

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What New Marketing Strategies Could Benefit Your Nutraceutical Company?

pillsIf you struggle with how to market your company’s nutraceutical products in a unique and effective way, you’re not alone. Marketing doesn’t always come naturally for many company owners, and marketing nutraceuticals can be especially challenging because of the sheer number of products on the market.

Fortunately, there are a few new marketing techniques and strategies especially well-suited for nutraceuticals. Read on for several cutting-edge marketing strategies that could provide some specific benefits for your nutraceutical business. Continue reading

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The Three B’s of Managing Sponsorships to Increase Brand Awareness

2a93225c-0d34-464f-b209-4d22c7b3b03aSponsorships are an instant way to build goodwill in your community and your target market. Every marketing budget should include an “outreach” fund. Your goal with this fund is expanding your brand’s identity through your support of worthy events, organizations, and individuals.

The benefits to others are obvious when your firm sponsors a softball team or a local drama festival. The benefits to your business are also noticeable. If you choose the right sponsorships and the best printed material to offer at events, your brand will be associated with positive memories for years to come. Continue reading

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3 Essential Considerations When Choosing a Business Card for Your New Business

689b0946-afdb-4d36-8211-8aae4d6b14ccIf you’ve just started a small business, then you may be wondering whether you should invest in business cards. Some business commentators suggest that business cards are no longer relevant in the age of digital technology we live in. However, many experts in marketing believe that business cards still have an important role to play in building your business and growing your brand.

Business cards serve as a visual reminder to potential customers and provide them with your vital contact details if they’d like to engage your services or buy your product in the future. Making the choice to have business cards printed is simple, but deciding on the perfect business card is not so easy.

With so many options available, it can be mind boggling trying to whittle them down to a single design. Here are three essential areas you should consider when having your business cards printed. Continue reading

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Promoting Sustainability: Green Printing and Package Ideas for Your Products

Whether you’re a school, tech company, pharmacy, or small local business, printing is an essential part of your marketing. With your consumer base turning toward earth-friendly initiatives, you can appeal to your client base by choosing green printing and packaging options.

As customers learn that you make an effort to use more environmentally conscious business practices, they can feel good about continuing to use your product. If you’re not sure where to get started, here are some green printing ideas for your business.

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5 Reasons Why Print Still Works in the Digital Age

It’s never been more important to establish and optimize an online presence for your company than it is currently. However, the growing importance of digital media and advertisement has not negated the effectiveness of print materials. A successful marketing strategy for companies in today’s digital age must balance the immediacy and accessibility of online materials and the impact and persuasiveness of print materials.

In this blog, we list five reasons why print media remains an important part of connecting with your target audience.

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Keeping Current: 4 Marketing Recommendations for 2017

Keeping your business relevant and competitive has become increasingly difficult, especially for smaller companies with lower budgets. Many business owners struggle to identify where and how best to spend their marketing budgets to most effectively connect with their current and prospective customers.

Understanding the future of marketing can help you make smart decisions now. In this blog, we list four marketing trends you can expect to see this year.

  1. Customer-First Marketing

In recent years, there’s been a shift in customer focus. Rather than prioritizing the quality or availability of goods and services, contemporary consumers are concerned with the individual customer experience. What does this shift mean for your marketing strategy?

Industry experts recommend personalizing and individualizing the experience. Your goal is to make each customer feel like he or she comes first in your business. One of the easiest ways to create this perception is to make recommendations based on the products or services each customer has already used. For example, when you buy anything from Amazon and a number of recommendations pop up.

You will also want to provide surveys and results because contemporary customers look at other people’s experiences with your company before working with you.

  1. Interactive Rather Than Static

Currently, the best marketing campaigns encourage customers to engage with the content rather than just view it. For example, lots of successful marketing campaigns have encouraged customers to tweet a common hashtag, upload videos of their favorite products, or post pictures of how they use the product.

While much of this interaction happens on digital platforms, you can also encourage customer interaction by taking digital to the next level.  Hold contests to make your customers feel like they’re an integral part of how you do business. One of my favorites is the Orvis cover dog photo contest. Thousands upon thousands of people send in a picture of their dog in hopes of being named the “cover dog.”

  1. Personality Over Authority

While you want your customers to see you as an authority in your industry, contemporary consumers are more concerned with your persona than with your credentials. If your prospective customers don’t see your company as trustworthy and likeable, your actual level of experience may not matter. Share with your audience any community service work or volunteer efforts your company participates in. This will help humanize your company persona.

In addition, your personality could be judged by the shift toward influencer marketing. In influencer marketing, you rely on recommendations and endorsements to help sell products. Many of these influencers are social media personalities, rather than traditional celebrities. If you can find out who your customers trust and whose lives your customers are interested in, you can identify the type of influencer who can revolutionize your company persona.

It’s also more important than ever to establish a consistent persona in your print and digital media. Humor and storytelling, which we’ll discuss in more depth in the next section, can be major assets for giving your company a personality.

  1. Story-Based Selling

You may have noticed a trend in commercials where the ad creates a narrative rather than just hawking a product. While story-based selling is hardly a new concept, it’s a strategy that you should emphasize in the coming year.

One of the easiest ways to improve the narratives that your company tells is to livestream and add more videos to your website and social media accounts. High-quality video content conveys a lot of emotion quickly.

You can also shift the focus of your print advertising from the product itself to how the product may change the customer’s life. Actual customer testimonials and stories are a great starting place.

The marketing needs of your business may differ from these general recommendations. To ensure that you’re keeping up with the times and thinking ahead, partner with the experienced marketing experts at FUSIONWRX @ Flottman Company. We pride ourselves on multichannel marketing that makes your message clear.

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4 Steps for Using Social Media to Connect Your Business to Your Customers

While print media remains essential for communicating with your customers, business owners must also develop a strong online presence. Because many prospective customers will first encounter your business online, multichannel marketing has become more important than ever, as we discussed in our previous blog, “How Multichannel Marketing Can Improve Your Business.”

In this blog, we discuss one of the most difficult and yet most crucial forms of digital communication: social media. Here are four steps to establish a strong social media-based connection between your business and your customers.

  1. Discuss Your Needs with a Marketing Team

While it may seem fairly straightforward to sign up for a Twitter account and proceed from there, successful digital communication can be complex. Unless you run a small startup company that isn’t ready for full-scale marketing, you should work with a reputable marketing team.

Look for a team that has experience in both print and digital media so you don’t have to work with two different marketing strategists. Many of the following steps will be a lot simpler with the guidance and expertise of your marketing team, especially if your past and current use of social media is limited.

  1. Choose Your Platform

Once you have established a partnership with a solid marketing team, it’s time to come up with a social media plan. Your first order of business is to decide which platforms will work best for your company and which social media platforms to focus on.

Start with the basics. Most businesses should have a Facebook page and LinkedIn profile since these accounts help both prospective customers and employees find your business. In most cases, you’ll also want a Twitter handle.

From there, your best choices depend on your business. For example, a bakery should seriously consider an Instagram account where they can show off their best delicacies while a bookstore may prefer to interact with literature fans via Tumbler.

  1. Understand Each Platform You Use and Format Accordingly

Once you choose your social media platforms, spend some time browsing. It’s important to understand the spirit and common usage of each platform so that any inexperience you may have doesn’t distract from your message. For example, misusing or overusing hashtags on Twitter may get you more rolled eyes than new customers.

Work with your marketing team to get as intimately acquainted with the demographics of each platform as possible. You’re targeting vastly different people when you use Facebook than when you use Tumbler.

Learn to format your posts to their best advantage for each platform. Returning to our Twitter example, shorten URLs you use so you have more room for your message, stick to single tweets, and keep your content as current as possible.

  1. Prioritize Social Media Engagement

As a business owner, you oversee many different marketing efforts. However, it’s vital that you prioritize your social media presence. High-quality social media interaction can improve your search result rankings, generate customer loyalty, and increase your company’s overall visibility.

If possible, hire an employee or small team who can dedicate all of their time to creating a consistent, engaging social media presence. This way, you can ensure that you respond to all relevant messages without diverting energy or time away from your primary products or services.

Using the same people for most of your social media posts also ensures that your company maintains your chosen persona across multiple platforms, which can increase brand loyalty and improve prospective customers’ first impression of your company.

Use these guidelines to begin building your online authority and your social media follower count so you can better communicate with your target audience. If you need assistance, our FUSIONWRX team here at the Flottman Company can help ramp up your marketing communication.

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How Images Optimize Your Press Releases

You’ve heard of the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Nowhere does that tried and true adage ring more accurately than in business-related media.

Including the right images in your inserts, catalogs, mailings, and other media is essential to catching your reader’s eye and turning interest into sales. In this blog, we discuss the power of images in your press releases, both digital and print.



Why Images?

Readers look at images more readily and with more focus than text, especially when reading online. This characteristic comes from the fact that the brain can process visual media almost 60,000 times faster than it can process text. When readers look at your press release, they likely process the header image before they read a single word.

However, not all marketing images are created equal. In addition to asking “why use images?,” it’s important to also ask “which images should you use?”

Which Images?

The best images for any campaign represent or summarize a portion of what your text says in a straightforward manner. It’s smart to use actual images of your products or staff in press releases.

When choosing images, you must also consider what the reader will glean from them. If you want to showcase a product, for example, opt for a picture of someone using the object rather than a simple catalog shot.

Additionally, your press release images should always have the following characteristics:

  • Appropriate photo resolution for the media type
  • Content that reflects your message and company persona
  • Dimensions that fit the final format
  • Readable imagery

Once you choose your image and decide where to put it in your press release, you should also put some time into composing your caption for the picture. Because images catch the eye, your reader will likely look at the caption before any other text on the page.

Digital Press Releases

If you publish your press releases on your website or through a local news site, images are crucial. In your digital press releases, images provide the following crucial benefits:

  • Enhanced reader engagement, especially since many online readers do not pursue articles that don’t have engaging images
  • Improved search engine optimization (SEO), which makes the press release easier for readers to find
  • More shareability on social media sites

In addition to including the pictures you might usually use in a press release, consider engaging alternatives like infographics. These summary images are ideal for digital readership.

Print Press Releases

If you publish press releases in a newsletter, marketing campaign, or other form of print news media, images should be one of the first components you think about. Printed images do the following:

  • Catch the reader’s eye, especially on pages that are busy with advertisements or other articles
  • Make the press release more memorable
  • Simplify reading and understanding the content since images and captions help break up large blocks of text

Before you choose your print images, consider the quality of the final product. If your images will appear in a black and white newspaper, you want bolder and better lit pictures. If your press release will have high-resolution printing, your images should have a similarly high-quality feel to them.

Whether your next press release announces a new product or a company expansion, plan to use high-quality images to enhance the appearance and content of the release.

Want to harness the power of well-chosen images to make your next press release more impactful? Work with the team at Flottman Company. We offer  marketing packages that encompass many aspects of your business’ image, from your business cards to your press releases, to ensure that your audience receives your message.