Pharmaceutical Miniature Folded Inserts

miniture folding

One of our core competencies is the production of miniature folded inserts for the pharmaceutical industry. (Click for Details)

Flottman Company has been a leader and innovator of miniature folded, regulatory compliant, printed materials for the past 40‐years. Our printing, folding and converting technologies enable us to create functional, informational and intriguing structures up to 238 folded panels. We have the capabilities to fold large sheets of paper down to the surface size of a US Quarter coin. Our miniature folded pieces provide product information and required medical specifications. These inserts provide US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandatory information in the finished form of inserts (placed in the package) and outserts (included on the bottle).

We have the capability to design and produce to your exact specifications and within all Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). We can meet your toughest deadlines, provide unmatched quality and offer the most competitive pricing. For more examples of our pharmaceutical capabilities click here.

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Accordion Fold Instructional Insert


This black and white insert is designed to be industrial worker friendly; informative, instructional, graphic and with a finish size easily filed with other project materials.

This projects open size of 81⁄2” x 11” (notebook size) was selected so that these instructions could be filed uniformly with other project materials. The folding of the piece enabled it to be packaged prominently with the product.

Finished Product:

Accordion Fold

Finish Size:

2⅛” x 2¾”

Open Size:

8½ ” x 11”

The Swagelok custom product insert has a targeted audience of industrial labors that work daily with these materials and need information immediately at their disposal. We design, layout and complete this insert with packaging specifications as our primary guideline. The black and white printing helps to contain costs. The finished 2” x 23⁄4” insert receives an epoxy seal that streamlines the assembly process enabling an additional cost saving. Moving Swagelok’s entire product line to Flottman folded inserts has save Swagelok assembly time and money.

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Blister‐Pack Folded Insert


Informative blister‐pack insert, designed with stringent finish size specifications for easy packaging; incorporating branded colors for additional marketing and labeling.

This uniformed miniature “strip‐fold” piece provides the needed content space to supply detailed instructions for multiple products. The dimensions of the finished size and reduced weight enabled a packaging cost savings.

Finished Product:

Tri-Fold – Roll Fold

Finish Size:

2” x 1 ¼”

Open Size

4” x 22”

The mandated editorial content was immense yet the packaging space was minimal, thus the miniature folding solution. The Protec Cleaning Cartridge insert was placed directly into the blister‐pack. The finish size of this insert, enabled Kaz Incorporated to enhance their packaging design with a blister‐pack and instantly reduce their material costs. The folded piece includes detailed instructions on how to employ the cleaning cartridge, a list of frequently asked questions and branded promotional advertising. The insert was designed to “fit”, inform, market and sell.

Tri‐Fold Informational Insert


This Bernardin insert provides step by step instructions for successful canning. This two‐ sided, four‐color, bi‐lingual piece was used for both their Canadian and US markets.

This four‐color, 12‐panel (6 congruent panels/side), duel fold insert was packaged with all Bernardin Pectin products. The finish size of our glue‐tabbed insert was designed to be easily assembled in line with the product and placed directly into the product package.

Finished Product:

Tri-Fold – Roll Fold

Finish Size:

2¾” x 2⅝”

Open Size

17” x 7⅞”

The Bernardin insert provides tips and directions on how to use the pectin to prepare, cook, process and freeze jams for canning. The multi‐lingual content (one‐side of the inset was in English and the other side in French) insert included success tips, testimonials and contact information. Subsequent inserts contained coupons and special offers as well as an invitation to share best recipes online to enhance marketing.

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Compact Roll Fold Product Catalog

This highly branded miniature catalog designed as a product enclosure to increase repeat sales; provides detailed information, testimonials and discounts on the complete product line. (Click for Details)

This highly branded miniature catalog designed as a product enclosure to increase repeat sales; provides detailed information, testimonials and discounts on the complete product line.

The goal of this four‐color multi folded piece is to offer information on the complete Olbas product line, in a size capable of being enclosed in the folded carton or directly within the supplement bottle.

Finished Product:

Combination Multi-Roll Fold

Finish Size:

⅞” x 6”

Open Size

11” x 6”

The Olbas Herbal Remedies catalog insert is packaged with all products and in every direct order parcel. The catalog insert includes a collection of Olbas’ herbal remedies including a description of the product, ingredients and recommendations. The wealth of imagery, information and special offers drive consumers back to the website for additional purchases; making this piece not only a marketing tool but a sales vehicle.

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Pocketable Folded Brochures


Where To Go info‐cards finish to a size of 31⁄2” x 2”, the size of typical business card and consist of top or side single folds, three panel roll or z‐folds and four panel accordion or roll folds.

At the Flottman Company we’ve mastered the ability to design folds to add panels allowing for increased content space. These unique pieces are printed with captivating imagery, special offers and a definitive call to action.

Finished Product:

Top Folds, Side folds, 3 Panel Roll Folds, Accordian Folds

Finish Size:

3½” x 2”


1, 2, 3 and 4/side


Largest 3½” x 8” & 7” x 2”

“Where To Go” info‐cards are distributed in hotels, restaurants, convention centers and information centers throughout the Midwest. These cards individually highlight over 150 different attractions, entertainment spots, shopping centers and dining experiences. The final product is designed to be easily accessible, transportable and perfect to place in one’s pocket, wallet or purse.