The Many Types of Print Collateral at Pharmaceutical Reps’ Disposal

d7a4a1c8-de0c-4cb8-b309-0335c47c9448A pharmaceutical representative’s work is largely to network with medical professionals and promote the product the representative’s company manufactures. One of the tools pharmaceutical reps have at their disposal to accomplish these goals is a variety of print materials. If you’re a pharmaceutical rep, here are several types of print collateral you can use.

Business Cards So Providers Can Contact You

Business cards are an integral component of any professional’s print materials, and they’re especially important for professionals who must network extensively. Continue reading

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What New Marketing Strategies Could Benefit Your Nutraceutical Company?

pillsIf you struggle with how to market your company’s nutraceutical products in a unique and effective way, you’re not alone. Marketing doesn’t always come naturally for many company owners, and marketing nutraceuticals can be especially challenging because of the sheer number of products on the market.

Fortunately, there are a few new marketing techniques and strategies especially well-suited for nutraceuticals. Read on for several cutting-edge marketing strategies that could provide some specific benefits for your nutraceutical business. Continue reading

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Map Fold Informational Brochure


This multi‐folded, high gloss, informative brochure was designed, folded and tabbed as a product kit component, detailing product usage and medicinal contents.

This 32‐panel informational brochure is distributed along with the product to physicians and pharmacists and then shared with the patient. Previously, the brochure design included a multi‐page saddle stitch booklet that did not meet the company’s quality standards. The piece did not fit the company’s manufacturing process and was generating multiple production errors. The Flottman Company was able to take the information in the booklet and redesign the content into a 32 panel, 2‐ sided, 6‐fold, single sheet, informational pamphlet. By changing the design to a miniature folded piece; Braintree reduced expenses, eliminated down time and received a higher quality product that truly complimented their prep kit. The change far exceeded their quality requirements.

This initial product insert transformation has already spurred additional product line changes from booklets to inserts; all across the Braintree product repertoire.

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Saddle Stitched Ride‐a‐Long Brochure


This multi‐page, ride‐a‐long instructional brochure is designed to present the drug’s regiment step‐by‐step.

The Viibryd Vilazondone HCI brochure is beautifully designed to help patients follow their detailed drug regimen. The brochure is inserted in all sample packs of this drug, which is distributed to the medical sales companies to sell to practicing doctors on the values of the product and increase the understanding of the procedure. The literature brochure is also included with the drug from your pharmacist to provide patients with information and guidance through treatment. This brochure contains easy to follow instructions, information about the drug, pill side effects, usage and the risks associated with the drug.

This four‐color, saddle stitched and tabbed insert was printed, folded, stitched and tabbed.

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Security Features – Invisible Inks


Flottman Company adds multiple layers of security to our finished printed products. One example is our invisible ink printing, which is visible only under Ultra‐Violet light.

SecuRxperts represents multiple fraud deterrents that are printed directly on the literature. These numerous and diverse layers of security, including invisible inks, enable the Flottman Company to differentiate themselves from counterfeit reproductions. Our prevention solutions include multiple covert and overt security characteristics; well in advance of FDA regulations concerning security.

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Preassembled Folding Carton with Attached Insert


Convenience taken a step further with our insert attached directly to the carton during production; reducing errors, assembly time and labor costs.

Rxperts Printing Alliance provides pharmaceutical companies with a preassembled folding carton and attached insert which simplifies the packaging process, increases security and in turn becomes more cost efficient for the customer. In addition to our folding process we are able to secure our folded materials directly to the carton. Our Rxperts team can design, fold and assemble your entire package – with Rxperts we are the “Package Deal”. This carton is just one example of our production partnership that offers inserts, folding cartons, labeling and assembly all in‐line for one‐stop processing.

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Miniature Folded Insert/Outsert/Piggy-Back


Our pioneering folding and converting technologies enable us to create functional, informational and intriguing structures.

Our miniature folded pieces come in a variety of sizes to Communicate Brilliantly the plethora of information the U S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires to accompany each medication. RTA (Right Turn Angle) Inserts, Ribbon Folds, Cross‐Folds, epoxy sealed, trayed, shrink wrapped and packaged ‐ all while under 24/7 surveillance.

We print black and white or multi‐color, one or two sided, with one to a maximum of 238 folded panels. Our production facility is cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant and Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified. We work under strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and stringent quality control processes that are monitored, evaluated and tracked continuously – guaranteeing that your product will be delivered with utmost accuracy.


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