4 Essentials for Effective Rack Cards

Rack cards have a lot to offer your business. Though smaller than brochures and flyers, rack cards can convey information at a glance in a variety of locations, from neighboring stores to hotels to information centers. With a rack card, you can pique the interest of potential customers without spending a fortune in printing.

However, rack cards have limited space for you to work with: usually 3.5 in. x 8.5 in. or 4 in. x 9 in. Although you may feel tempted to cram as much information as you can in that space, your cards will work more effectively if you can quickly communicate your key points and ideas in seconds.

So what essentials should you include on your card if you want to make the most of your space?

  1. Eye-Catching Photos, Phrases, and Slogans

Rack cards, as you already know from the name, display on a rack or postcard carousel near check-out stands or store corners. As your card will sit near dozens (or possibly hundreds) of other cards for competing companies, getting people to pick up and read your card will be your greatest challenge.

If you want your card to stand out in the crowd, choose colors, images, and text that grab attention. High-resolution graphics most often draw people in, but your memorable headline or slogan will keep them reading.

As you assemble possible photos for your rack card, keep in mind that many racks only display one third or one fourth of the cards. You’ll want your most engaging concepts near the top and minor details near the bottom. And don’t forget to place images and information on both sides of your rack card! The top of the backside needs to hold its own in case someone places the cards in the rack backwards.

  1. Benefits, Features, and Incentives

Once you have your reader’s attention, you must demonstrate what makes you, your product, or your service special. While you don’t want to fill your entire card with paragraph after paragraph of proven benefits, you should briefly discuss what your customers can expect when they come to you.

Pick a few of your most enticing points and focus on them. If you have coupons, discounts, promotions, or other incentives, print them on your card to encourage readers to hold onto your card and use it as soon as they can. When customers bring your card in to enjoy a good deal, you can monitor the results of your rack cards to see how they compare to the rest of your marketing campaign.

  1. Calls to Action

If your readers feel interested in what you have to offer, you’ll need to provide a way for them to follow up on the issue. A call to action will let readers know what they can do to cash in on your latest promotion, invest in your latest venture, or participate in your available programs.

In a prominent place on your card, tell readers to call your company, stop by your store, or check out your website. An easy-to-scan QR code could allow readers to use their phones right then and there to learn more about you or your business.

  1. Company Name, Logo, and Contact Information

Your call to action should include some way for customers to contact you, such as your phone number or website. However, you don’t want to place all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak, lest you alienate potential customers. If a user doesn’t have a smartphone, you need more than just your QR code. Or if you have a new store location, you’ll want more than just your address.

Wherever possible, include additional ways for customers to remember you and your location. For example, you could include:

  • Open business hours
  • Current specials
  • Maps to your store
  • Alternative phone numbers
  • Key email addresses
  • Fax numbers

Provide the information that will most help clients reach out to you.

Talk to a Marketing Advisor for Tips

These basic features will help your rack card capture customer attention while encouraging readers to seek out your product, service, or company. However, you may struggle to find the perfect balance between all four rack card essentials on your own.

If you need help with your rack card, contact Ed McMasters at ed@nullfusionwrx.com and receive a free expert evaluation of your current rack card, as well as recommendations for a revised version. We’ll ensure that your rack card looks great without sacrificing important details.

Multiple Component Point‐of‐Purchase Display


Put your graduation picture on the cake, see the idea right here and make that purchase – with this sales kiosk, point‐of‐purchase advertising display.

Bakery Crafts was looking for an alternative to their traditional promotional materials. Flottman Company designed this point‐of‐purchase display as a cornerstone to all of Bakery Crafts graduation marketing. Combined with bound and laminated brochures, pricing sheets and contact cards, this three‐ dimensional display not only captured one’s attention but drove sales.

Regardless of shape or size from table top displays to banner backdrops, our breakthrough designs add dimensional interest to any environment and turn browsers into buyers.

The process: 6 color process, die cutting, lamination, binding, kitting, assembly and deliver.

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Unique Invisible Ink Printing


Looking for solutions to add security to your next project? You don’t have to look further than Flottman Company’s SecuRxpert invisible inks.

Angstrom Technologies Incorporated turned to us to produce advertising/sales slicks and swatch color cards to display several different security ink options. These inks needed to be printed with the ultimate precision to assure their invisibility component. In order to view the special inks you will need to use a UV black light. The true difficulty in the procedure is printing what is invisible to the naked eye.

The process: 6 color process inks and 8 color invisible inks.

Dimensional Product Catalogs


Bring elegance back with vibrant colors that will make a head turning presentation.

The Virgin Islands Holiday Catalog’s elegant design is enhanced with Flottman’s vibrant six colors printing. With the correct paper selection and the highest quality inks, this product has a holiday shine like no other. These catalogs become coffee table highlights extending the holiday season.

The process: 6 color ink process, aqueous coating, folded, saddle stitched.

Designer Pocket Folder


Tired of producing average pocket folders? Try a vertical pocket, a modified gate fold and then add a varnish finish to your project ‐ transforming your product to a level all its own.

Harper’s Point wanted to elevate their pocket folder design. The Flottman Company did just that by adding a soft touch coating creating a lasting impression by engaging the sense of touch. This award winning pocket folder has been the model for additional product lines within Harper’s Point portfolio.

The process: Four color print process, unique conversion and a soft touch coating creating a suede‐ like feel without utilizing more expensive stocks.

Die‐Cut Brochure


Tired of throwing CENT after CENT towards average printing techniques? You don’t have to bankrupt your account in order to enhance your presentation.

Try a simple die‐cut design that won’t break the bank but will turn heads with creative shapes. These pieces are continually requested by clients of the Bank and the bonus is the number of children that want to own their own large penny.

The process: Four color ink process and a simple die‐cut creating an intriguing structure adding visual interest to the Bank of Kentucky Brochure.

High‐End Saddle Stitched Marketing Brochure


Hunting for the right printing style? You don’t have to shoot very far to get a lasting impression worth mounting for your next print project.

The Seraphim Ranch brochure enhances the consumers experience through each page turn. This extremely high end, top quality sales catalog delivers the message like no other. Colorful full‐page imagery spreads add depth and reach to the piece. Our goal was to enhance the design with a rustic appeal by adding a dynamic varnish to the brochure establishing a tactical characteristic.

The process: Four color process inks throughout the brochure. A dull overprint, spot sandpaper coating was applied to create dimension and add interest to the surface. Saddle stitched finish.

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