Map Fold Informational Brochure


This multi‐folded, high gloss, informative brochure was designed, folded and tabbed as a product kit component, detailing product usage and medicinal contents.

This 32‐panel informational brochure is distributed along with the product to physicians and pharmacists and then shared with the patient. Previously, the brochure design included a multi‐page saddle stitch booklet that did not meet the company’s quality standards. The piece did not fit the company’s manufacturing process and was generating multiple production errors. The Flottman Company was able to take the information in the booklet and redesign the content into a 32 panel, 2‐ sided, 6‐fold, single sheet, informational pamphlet. By changing the design to a miniature folded piece; Braintree reduced expenses, eliminated down time and received a higher quality product that truly complimented their prep kit. The change far exceeded their quality requirements.

This initial product insert transformation has already spurred additional product line changes from booklets to inserts; all across the Braintree product repertoire.