Personalized Multi‐Channel Marketing delivers the WOW!

Personalized Multi‐Channel Marketing delivers the WOW!

Flottman’s Brilliant Communications Marketing Campaigns focus on personalization to get your message noticed and to strengthen your relationship with current and prospective clients. Our campaigns increase response rates, sales and ultimately profits.

Our Brilliant Communication campaigns deliver:

  • A highly targeted message
  • Personalized communications
  • Incorporates multi‐channel marketing
  • Utilization of innovative technologies
  • Cleaning and updating of your current contact databases
  • Increased response rates and consumer interaction
  • Qualified leads
  • Real‐time tracking – instantaneous response opportunities
  • Detailed survey responses for sales content and future targeted marketing

Our personalized Brilliant Communications programs empower you to broaden your marketing across multiple media platforms including direct mail, email, social media, QR codes, personalized micro‐ websites, parallel advertizing opportunities and media influences. This multi‐faceted approach, layers your message with different delivery times and different contact methods. These multiple touch‐points serve to reinforce your message, amplify the call to action and drive responses.