Pharmaceutical Miniature Folded Inserts

miniture folding

One of our core competencies is the production of miniature folded inserts for the pharmaceutical industry. (Click for Details)

Flottman Company has been a leader and innovator of miniature folded, regulatory compliant, printed materials for the past 40‐years. Our printing, folding and converting technologies enable us to create functional, informational and intriguing structures up to 238 folded panels. We have the capabilities to fold large sheets of paper down to the surface size of a US Quarter coin. Our miniature folded pieces provide product information and required medical specifications. These inserts provide US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandatory information in the finished form of inserts (placed in the package) and outserts (included on the bottle).

We have the capability to design and produce to your exact specifications and within all Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). We can meet your toughest deadlines, provide unmatched quality and offer the most competitive pricing. For more examples of our pharmaceutical capabilities click here.