Miniature Folded Insert/Outsert/Piggy-Back


Our pioneering folding and converting technologies enable us to create functional, informational and intriguing structures.

Our miniature folded pieces come in a variety of sizes to Communicate Brilliantly the plethora of information the U S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires to accompany each medication. RTA (Right Turn Angle) Inserts, Ribbon Folds, Cross‐Folds, epoxy sealed, trayed, shrink wrapped and packaged ‐ all while under 24/7 surveillance.

We print black and white or multi‐color, one or two sided, with one to a maximum of 238 folded panels. Our production facility is cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant and Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified. We work under strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and stringent quality control processes that are monitored, evaluated and tracked continuously – guaranteeing that your product will be delivered with utmost accuracy.