Multi‐Channel Marketing Campaign


Flottman’s Brilliant Communications Campaign for the Penn Herb Company delivered a 5% response rate and increased sales by 13.5% (Click for Details)

This multi‐channel Brilliant Communications campaign incorporated a minimum of seven touch‐points with current, past and potential clients. We provided Penn Herb with a strategically layered marketing campaign that incorporated personalized direct mail, in‐store signage, directive QR codes, individualize website landing pages, social media content, package inserts, informational surveys and complete project analysis.

The six‐week Brilliant Communications campaign delivered exceptional results, including:

  •  5% response rate (a typical Direct Mail campaign delivers only a .5% ‐ 1% response)
  •  Increase in sales of over 13.52%
  •  In‐store consumer traffic up 15.21%
  •  Increased website traffic
  • Achieved a 50% referral rate for lead generation
  • Increased Facebook likes by 6.6%
  • Branded, earned media placement
  •  Gathered a plethora of consumer comments, recommendations and testimonies

Our Brilliant Communications campaign provided Penn Herb with information to assist in remodeling their store, expand their current product line and opportunities for future targeted marketing programs.

Brilliant Communications campaigns are applicable to any market place or audience and produce exponentially higher response rates than stand alone direct mail programs.

Click here to read a third party white paper on the campaign’s success