What New Marketing Strategies Could Benefit Your Nutraceutical Company?

pillsIf you struggle with how to market your company’s nutraceutical products in a unique and effective way, you’re not alone. Marketing doesn’t always come naturally for many company owners, and marketing nutraceuticals can be especially challenging because of the sheer number of products on the market.

Fortunately, there are a few new marketing techniques and strategies especially well-suited for nutraceuticals. Read on for several cutting-edge marketing strategies that could provide some specific benefits for your nutraceutical business.


If you’ve ever been surprised by a banner advertisement displaying the fairly niche or uncommon shoes, book, or other item you were recently viewing on an e-commerce site, you may have experienced remarketing. This type of marketing takes customers’ browsing history on one website and inserts these products into a banner ad on another website.

Remarketing can be a great way to extend a company’s reach, as well as help on-the-fence customers make a decision in your favor.

Why Does Remarketing Work for Nutraceutical Companies? 

Remarketing can provide some discrete benefits to nutraceutical companies. Many potential customers who browse a nutraceutical website may be just starting out in the health and nutrition field and not entirely sure of their health and fitness needs; as a result, there may often be interested browsers who don’t make any purchases from your website for days, weeks, or even months after an initial visit.

By “pushing” a few select products through remarketing ads, you’ll be able to again appeal to these customers, often giving them the extra push they need to head back to your website and make a purchase.

Programmatic Advertisement Buying

This type of advertisement buying relies on pre-set parameters to automatically implement your ad campaign. Instead of needing to regularly authorize or approve each advertisement, you’ll enter some limits (for example, paying for a maximum of 5000 remarketed banner ads per week) and let the program do the rest.

These programs often come with extensive data, allowing you to analyze which ad campaigns are working well with their target audiences and which seem to be falling flat.

Why Does Programmatic Buying Work for Nutraceutical Companies?

Although programmatic buying can work well for any busy business owner who doesn’t want to employ the number of full-time marketing executives needed to fully implement an ad campaign, it can have a specific benefit in the nutraceutical context.

Because nutraceuticals tend to be “buzzworthy” products, with many media outlets quickly seizing on the opportunity to extoll the health virtues of kale, chia seeds, or lentils, automating your advertising to some extent by setting parameters on ad purchase can ensure your ads make it to a wide range of potential customers.

This is especially true if you’re already using remarketing to put your products before browsers again and again-making this process as automatic as possible will free up valuable time and help you funnel your advertising dollars toward a wide range of new customers and those who have already expressed some interest in your website or products.

Responsive Design

If you haven’t already taken steps to make your website mobile-friendly, now is the time. With more and more consumers moving to smartphones and tablets and away from desktop and even laptop computers, having a website that’s aesthetically pleasing on all platforms is crucial.

Why Does Responsive Design Work for Nutraceutical Companies?

Nutraceuticals often appeal to a younger and more health-conscious audience, as well as those who tend to be on-trend and tech-savvier than their peers. As a result, an outdated website that is hard to view on (or make purchases from) a mobile device can be a major turnoff, even if your other advertising campaigns are well thought-out.

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