Pocketable Folded Brochures


Where To Go info‐cards finish to a size of 31⁄2” x 2”, the size of typical business card and consist of top or side single folds, three panel roll or z‐folds and four panel accordion or roll folds.

At the Flottman Company we’ve mastered the ability to design folds to add panels allowing for increased content space. These unique pieces are printed with captivating imagery, special offers and a definitive call to action.

Finished Product:

Top Folds, Side folds, 3 Panel Roll Folds, Accordian Folds

Finish Size:

3½” x 2”


1, 2, 3 and 4/side


Largest 3½” x 8” & 7” x 2”

“Where To Go” info‐cards are distributed in hotels, restaurants, convention centers and information centers throughout the Midwest. These cards individually highlight over 150 different attractions, entertainment spots, shopping centers and dining experiences. The final product is designed to be easily accessible, transportable and perfect to place in one’s pocket, wallet or purse.