Saddle Stitched Ride‐a‐Long Brochure


This multi‐page, ride‐a‐long instructional brochure is designed to present the drug’s regiment step‐by‐step.

The Viibryd Vilazondone HCI brochure is beautifully designed to help patients follow their detailed drug regimen. The brochure is inserted in all sample packs of this drug, which is distributed to the medical sales companies to sell to practicing doctors on the values of the product and increase the understanding of the procedure. The literature brochure is also included with the drug from your pharmacist to provide patients with information and guidance through treatment. This brochure contains easy to follow instructions, information about the drug, pill side effects, usage and the risks associated with the drug.

This four‐color, saddle stitched and tabbed insert was printed, folded, stitched and tabbed.