Commercial Folded Printing

Our commercial folded printing capabilities brand us as an industry leader, especially with miniature folding and miniature printing. Folding, creasing and scoring for greeting cards, instruction booklets, multi‐fold invitations and presentation folders, we can meet all your finishing needs. Whether we are folding an informational product insert, creating a complex marketing brochure that expands to multiple panels or designing a map fold that offers a wealth of information and still compresses into a manageable size, we can fold that!

Our Morgana folding machine can create half, double parallel, letter, and accordion folds in addition to our Duplo booklet folder that provides redundancy and capacity. These folding options combined with our abilities to bind, die‐cut and glue deliver unique products to convey your marketing message. Our commercial folded printed pieces have been placed in mailing packages, informational packets, trade show displays, point‐of‐purchase displays and product cartons.

A commercial folded printing project

  • Maps
  • Coupon Booklets
  • Brochures
  • Invitations
  • Product Inserts
  • Instruction Sheets
  • Warranties
  • Greeting/Business Cards
  • RTA (Right Turn Angle) Outserts
  • Cross-Folded Inserts

Our miniature folding inserts for commercial applications take commercial folded printing to a whole new level with up to 238 folded panels, 6+ color designs, two-sided printing and various folding patterns that can fold down to as small as a half inch. This is the perfect means to provide usage instructions in multiple languages, with increased detail and enhanced descriptive imagery. These miniature folded pieces make an amazing first impression and stimulate product interest.

The move to miniature folding and miniature printing often provides a production cost savings.  These commercial miniature folded pieces provide an effective way to incorporate a great deal of information in a relatively small space that can be designed to conform to your product or packaging. Even when there is massive content and minimal packaging space we can make it work.

Consider revamping your current project, changing it from a multi-page, bound booklet into a miniature folded piece that will establish lower costs, more content space and reduced packaging space, delivering a higher return on investment (ROI).  Be it one fold on a card or 238 panels on a miniature printed insert, “fold us” into your marketing strategy. Connect with us today.