Pharmaceutical Folding

Pharmaceutical Folding uses miniature folding as a solution to fulfilling the governmental content requirements for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and consumer goods. Pharmaceutical companies are now required to include a great deal of information with their products, and it can be a struggle to find space for all of this content without increasing the size of your packaging. Many companies have found miniature folding to be an ideal solution for including all of this information without taking up more space than is necessary in the packaging.

Pharmaceutical Folding, Miniature Folding

Pharmaceutical folding pieces produced for a client. Click on the photo to read more about this project.

What is Miniature Folding?

Miniature folding uses special equipment to fold down a large sheet with printed content into a small size that fits seamlessly with your product’s packaging. It is an economical and effective way to include large amounts of information in a small space. This technology is used mostly to create inserts, manuals, instruction sheets and coupon booklets to include in product packaging.

Flottman Company and Pharmaceutical Folding

Pharmaceutical Folding is one of our specialties! We have the information and expertise you need to create an effective and successful miniature folded piece for your product. Flottman Company was one of the first facilities to incorporate miniature folding into our services, and we have remained at the cutting edge of this technology ever since. With our miniature folding and miniature printing capabilities, we are able to produce high-quality pharmaceutical outserts, inserts, leaflets and more. We produce Patient Package Inserts (PPIs), Package Inserts (PIs) and Right Turn Angle Outserts (RTAs) with over 48 years of cGMP compliant folding printing experience.

We will design, compile, print and fold your pharmaceutical folding jobs, handling every step of the process. making the process straightforward and simple for you. We can produce fold patterns with as many as 238 informational fold panels, printed two-sided. Our max flat size is 28″ x 42″ and our patterns can fold down to as small as 0.5″. Learn more about our pharmaceutical inserts here.

Pharmaceutical Folding Security

We know that security is a top priority for many pharmaceutical companies. This is why we have made it a top priority for ourselves as well. Our facility is under constant surveillance, and all entrances and exits are key-code required. Electronic proofing, physical counts and precision electronic reconciliation are all features of our security measures at Flottman Company. You can inquire at any time where a project is, and we can give you a visual of your product’s production stage. We provide strict quality controls while maintaining flexibility and assuring project efficiency.

Track and Trace Compliance

Are you regulation ready? The United States Federal Government and the European Union have instituted track & trace compliance regulations for pharmaceuticals. Flottman Company can support your pharmaceutical serialization requirements for all of your patient inserts. Our 2D Barcode tracking for IFU serialization enables us to reconcile the insert to the label to the carton seamlessly and with adherence to FDA security regulations.

Complete Packaging Options

Flottman Company is a founding partner of the Rxperts Printed Packaging Group, a complete packaging supplier, including folded printed inserts, labels and folding cartons. Rxperts provides redundancy, continuity and scalability. Through innovation, precision and performance the single-source supplier Rxperts Printed Packaging Group can get your product to market faster, cheaper, more accurately, more securely and with greater impact through our seamless service covering all aspects of your project. Gain your complete packaging solution with just one call.

Check out some of our past pharmaceutical folding projects here, and request a quote today!