The Three B’s of Managing Sponsorships to Increase Brand Awareness

2a93225c-0d34-464f-b209-4d22c7b3b03aSponsorships are an instant way to build goodwill in your community and your target market. Every marketing budget should include an “outreach” fund. Your goal with this fund is expanding your brand’s identity through your support of worthy events, organizations, and individuals.

The benefits to others are obvious when your firm sponsors a softball team or a local drama festival. The benefits to your business are also noticeable. If you choose the right sponsorships and the best printed material to offer at events, your brand will be associated with positive memories for years to come.

The Benefits of Sponsorships

Some small companies resent being solicited to sponsor local pancake suppers and middle school swim teams in the neighborhoods where the businesses operate. But saying yes to some of these small acts of charity is one of the best things you can do to help your firm, even if the neighbors aren’t your target market.

Sponsorships range from buying a $100 ad in the high school yearbook to spending $2,000 for signage and recognition during a local parade. In the case of the yearbook, your ad will be seen by generations to come. In the case of the parade, you can use your sponsorship and pictures of the parade to decorate and enhance your press releases and advertisements, further building your brand identity.

Out-of-town customers appreciate that you care for your local community. The community will be more likely to publicly support you if you support residents. Their support could include frequenting your business, if applicable. Their support could also mean being there for you if there are issues related to your business in the community.

The Best Sponsorship for You

You can’t support every needy cause in town, so hold an annual meeting about sponsorships when you set the outreach budget. Decide on your goals and priorities when selecting sponsorships. Then, select sponsorships based on how well they help you meet those goals.

If you want to encourage more people to try your cookies, choose sponsorships where you can give out free samples or coupons. If you want to sell more heat exchangers to factories, sponsor industry meet-and-greets where you can build your contact list.

When your goal is to see your brand associated with a certain lifestyle, collaborate with others in your market niche to host your own ongoing event. This might be a music festival, a fashion show, or a 10K race through your town. You’re free to splash your brand and logo around liberally both in the media, on social media, and at the event itself when you’re one of the main hosts.

The Brightest Printed Sponsorship Ideas

Even if you have a website, blog, and Pinterest page set up for your sponsorships, you need something tangible to hand to event-goers. It’s best if you have material printed specifically for the event to increase your association with it.

A list of events and suitable handouts might include information about a:

  • Children’s event. Printed bags for litter; treat bags with items like kids’ ID badges, booklets, and collector cards; or printed frames for event photo booths
  • Industry event. Gift bags with pens and notepads, wallet-sized, industry-specific printed charts, or a brochure or buying guide for your product
  • Race or sporting event. Branded cartons that each hold sports water bottles, printed mini race maps, complimentary spectator signs, or identification numbers for participants
  • Pet event. Coated cardboard folding water bowls, booklets on pet care, or maps of pet-friendly parks in your town
  • Bridal fair. Wallet-sized “countdown to the wedding day” cards, mini-boxed samples of treats, or brochures featuring previous wedding work you’ve done

If event attendees are also potential customers, always include coupons for your product in gift bags. With digital and digital offset printing, it’s easy to make instant changes to coupons and other printed materials so you can always have event-specific coupons and other handouts.

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