Use Twitter to Maximize Your Marketing


When Twitter first came out, many businesses thought of it as nothing more than a  social media platform, meaning not relevant to business practices. By now you hopefully realize Twitter is a very useful business tool that helps build brand awareness through thought leadership and a curated community.

At worst, careful use of Twitter creates a positive opinion of your company – and that’s not actually bad. At best, it generates leads.

Find out how you can start developing a presence on Twitter.

Develop a Brand-Specific Profile

Your Twitter profile must be an extension of your overall company profile. The profile picture and header should consist of images directly from your company’s website or other promotional materials to make your profile instantly recognizable. For example, make your profile picture your company logo.

Likewise, your name and Twitter handle (which is preceded by the @ symbol) should be the same – the name of your company or a recognizable variation if your company’s name is too long or if it’s already taken by someone else.

Approach your Twitter biography carefully. You get a limited number of characters, so make every one count. Focus on the voice and image you want your company to portray. Most importantly, link to your home page or another page on your website.

Devise a Marketing Strategy

Once you have your Twitter account ready, define how you’ll use Twitter in your marketing. Typically, there’s a three-part approach to using Twitter for marketing purposes. One, you can use Twitter to drive traffic to your website. Two, you can use it to build brand awareness. Three, it creates conversion to a specific action, such as signing up for emails or making a sale.

The three parts aren’t necessarily steps, meaning you don’t have to follow them in order. Rather, your marketing strategy should consist of all three parts working simultaneously.

Build a Community

Next, it’s time to build your community. This may be the most time- and work-intensive part of using Twitter in marketing, but it will ultimately pay off. According to CIO, 100 million Twitter users are active on a daily basis. Of those, 49 percent follow brands and companies, and 42 percent say they use Twitter to learn more about products and services.

There are many approaches to building a community on Twitter, and you can probably implement a mixture of them.

One is to follow the experts in your area and start interacting with them. You can even target influencers of just a branch of your company. You’ll naturally find people to follow by seeking out conversations about topics related to your industry.

Click on hashtags to find people tweeting about certain topics. For example, if your business is about construction, try searching different words related to construction to see who’s tweeting about the topic. Make your comments useful and insightful, not promotional. People chatting about that topic may end up following you or recommend your services to others.

Tweet Well

Never stop building your community. Indeed, the way to keep followers from muting or unfollowing you is to tweet useful content. If you tweet nothing but promotional items, your followers will become weary.

Here’s where your marketing plan comes into play. Focus your tweets on building brand awareness. You can tweet pictures, quotes, statistics, and other content related to your industry and your brand. Do so on a regular basis to keep your company in tweeters’ minds.

Intersperse traffic- and sales-generating tweets in the brand awareness ones. There’s no magical ratio, but you definitely don’t want every tweet to feature a link to your site.

Try developing a content plan each week. For instance, every Monday could be about industry topics, every Tuesday could be specifics about your company, every Wednesday could be special promotions, etc.

Finally, make sure you keep interacting with your community. It means a lot to potential customers when a company takes the time to answer a query or even comment on a tweet.

Twitter is an enormous social media platform that has great potential for improving your business. The team at Flottman Company can help you utilize this platform as part of your marketing strategy.