What It Says on the Tin: How Printed Inserts Can Change Your Business

Survival in a busy industry depends as much on visibility as on the quality of your services and products. But with so many advertising platforms, from billboards to online ads, you may despair of being heard over the noise of your competitors (and even businesses in other industries).

While you try to distinguish your business, you may focus on digital resources and new marketing theories, but tried and true tactics should still have a place in your business plan. One of the best investments you can make is in printed inserts. Inserts provide direct, targeted marketing that can produce more results than even the most high-tech advertising methods.

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to marketing through inserts and how it can change your business.

What Are Printed Inserts? Where Would You Use Them?

When you think of a printed insert, you may picture the tear-away subscription form in a magazine or the instruction booklet that comes with prescription medication. Both of these forms of information distribution qualify as inserts, but they’re hardly the only options.

Any marketing you use in addition to basic packaging or products falls under this category. Some experts even include branded emails in this category, but for the purposes of this blog, we’re only talking about paper and ink inserts.

Business use inserts in the following places:

  • Mailings and newsletters. If you send out regular informational mailings, you can place an insert in the usual envelope.
  • Magazines and catalogs. Tuck an insert into your catalog’s pages or attach it at the binding to place your advertising directly in front of your customers.
  • Packages. Whether you place a booklet in each package or print extra information on the inside of each box, inserts represent an integral part of smart product packaging.

Some business owners even include marketing inserts as a part of sales receipts and account statements.

What Content Do Inserts Contain? Are Some Content Types More Effective Than Others?

The content your inserts contain depends entirely on your business. If you supply pharmaceutical medication to doctors, for example, you may include recommendations from a business perspective. But if you provide over-the-counter medication directly to your clients, a sales insert could prove more effective.

The best inserts for your business target your audience and call them to action. Common types of insert content include:

  • Discounts, coupons, and sale information
  • Instructions and directions
  • Product review incentives
  • Product samples
  • Testimonials or statistics

How Can Inserts Benefit Your Customers and Business?

The right inserts can revolutionize the way you interact with your client base and improve the impact of your marketing campaigns. Business owners implement insert campaigns to gain a number of benefits including:

  • Greater opportunities for cross selling and targeted selling. You know your client base better than anyone. If you include information on similar products (in the “people who purchased this also bought” format, for example) or products from your partner companies, you can greatly increase sales.
  • Increased marketing without increased cost. Since most inserts come in packaging you already produce, they don’t cost more to mail.
  • More foot traffic. Some clients only come to a business’ physical location when they need something specific or they have a coupon. Special offers increase the number of customers you have on a daily basis or for a specific time period.


As with any other marketing technique, inserts that truly fill the specific needs of a particular audience demographic have the most impact. If you think your business could benefit from printed insert advertising, work with a professional printer, graphic designer, and marketing specialist. Many expert companies provide all of these services in one place, but you can also work with a team.

Turn your packaging, mailings, and publications into powerful statements today with strategic printed inserts.