Why You Need to Label Your Shipping Boxes

Businesses that rely on shipping to get their products to customers understand the importance of packaging. You need strong materials to make sure the product arrives safely, and you need to include the necessary inserts so customers get the information they need about their purchase. In addition, do you also consider how the outside of the box should look?

Many businesses overlook the box itself when shipping their products. They may consider the price of customizing shipping containers to be higher than the benefits since people tend to throw out or reuse shipping boxes. However, attaching high-quality branded labels from a reliable printing service to your shipped products offers many benefits to any company, regardless of the industry.

Make Advertising Easy

Consider how many people see your box during the shipping process. The label printing company, for one, and every postal worker who handles the package from the moment it leaves your hands to the moment it arrives at your customer’s location. Anyone in the vicinity when the package shows up also gets a close look at your label, which may catch their interest and lead them to seek your services.

Think of each box you send out as a micro-billboard that will be seen all over the country. You could leave it blank, or you could make the most out of the space by using it for advertising.

Showcase Your Professionalism

Many companies custom-make their shipping boxes so that as soon as the customer sees the box they know exactly what is inside. If you don’t want to spend the time or money designing and producing customized shipping boxes, professional labels are a cheaper and simpler solution.

Using specialized labels, you will be able to mark each box with your unique brand, letting your customers know exactly where the package came from. Labels also show that you take your image seriously.

You can also print labels that match the color of the box, giving the package the appearance of custom printing. You get all the benefits of a professional custom box without having to pay for it.

Solidify Your Brand

One need nearly every industry has in common is the need to include additional documentation inside the package to give the recipient information about the order. For instance, pharmaceutical companies usually need to include instructions for using the medical device or medication safely.

The package inserts usually promote your business through logos or slogans. While these inserts benefit the customer and support your business, no one sees them until they open the box. Having a label outside the box that matches the insert shows the customer what to expect when they open the box and read the insert.

An additional benefit of matching the outside of the package with the contents is that your customers understand that your company personally handles all aspects of production and distribution. A company that’s completely involved with their business and their customers often appears more trustworthy and client friendly.

Show Off High-Quality Printing

Though you could print your own labels out onto premade sheets with your building’s printer, you won’t get the professional look you want. A printing company gives you access to skilled designers and the best quality materials so your shipping packages convey your desired brand image to your customer.

Companies that print on litho labels, for instance, use a four-color printing process to get your image and text onto the coated side of a magazine-page-thick sheet of paper. They then apply the uncoated side onto your package. If necessary, they will apply a varnish to the label to make sure it doesn’t get smudged or scratched during the process.

If you’re ready to add professional and eye-catching labels to your shipping boxes, talk to the experienced printers at Flottman Company.