How Images Optimize Your Press Releases

You’ve heard of the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Nowhere does that tried and true adage ring more accurately than in business-related media.

Including the right images in your inserts, catalogs, mailings, and other media is essential to catching your reader’s eye and turning interest into sales. In this blog, we discuss the power of images in your press releases, both digital and print.

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Why Images?

Readers look at images more readily and with more focus than text, especially when reading online. This characteristic comes from the fact that the brain can process visual media almost 60,000 times faster than it can process text. When readers look at your press release, they likely process the header image before they read a single word.

However, not all marketing images are created equal. In addition to asking “why use images?,” it’s important to also ask “which images should you use?”

Which Images?

The best images for any campaign represent or summarize a portion of what your text says in a straightforward manner. It’s smart to use actual images of your products or staff in press releases.

When choosing images, you must also consider what the reader will glean from them. If you want to showcase a product, for example, opt for a picture of someone using the object rather than a simple catalog shot.

Additionally, your press release images should always have the following characteristics:

  • Appropriate photo resolution for the media type
  • Content that reflects your message and company persona
  • Dimensions that fit the final format
  • Readable imagery

Once you choose your image and decide where to put it in your press release, you should also put some time into composing your caption for the picture. Because images catch the eye, your reader will likely look at the caption before any other text on the page.

Digital Press Releases

If you publish your press releases on your website or through a local news site, images are crucial. In your digital press releases, images provide the following crucial benefits:

  • Enhanced reader engagement, especially since many online readers do not pursue articles that don’t have engaging images
  • Improved search engine optimization (SEO), which makes the press release easier for readers to find
  • More shareability on social media sites

In addition to including the pictures you might usually use in a press release, consider engaging alternatives like infographics. These summary images are ideal for digital readership.

Print Press Releases

If you publish press releases in a newsletter, marketing campaign, or other form of print news media, images should be one of the first components you think about. Printed images do the following:

  • Catch the reader’s eye, especially on pages that are busy with advertisements or other articles
  • Make the press release more memorable
  • Simplify reading and understanding the content since images and captions help break up large blocks of text

Before you choose your print images, consider the quality of the final product. If your images will appear in a black and white newspaper, you want bolder and better lit pictures. If your press release will have high-resolution printing, your images should have a similarly high-quality feel to them.

Whether your next press release announces a new product or a company expansion, plan to use high-quality images to enhance the appearance and content of the release.

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