3 Places Where Rack Card Printing Is Still Essential

Even in today’s digital age, printing materials is still considered an asset to business growth and branding. As you plan your business marketing strategy, one aspect you may want to consider is the rack card.

Rack cards are essentially short brochures and are typically printed front to back with information. These cards are encouraged to be taken by potential customers and can offer extras like coupons, QR codes, and social media connections.

The key to having a successful rack card is knowing where to place them. Understand the popularity of rack cards and their daily uses to help you get placement on a rack card display, showcase your own rack cards, and provide you with multiple options for promoting a business, product, or service.

Browse through four types of locations where rack cards still thrive and are taken on a daily basis.

Medical Businesses

Rack cards have been a medical essential for multiple decades now. A mix of cards gives educational information while others boast different health products and options. Blanketing rack cards across multiple types of medical locations is not the best idea. Pinpointing the best types of medical businesses for your rack card is the best solution to getting your information out there.

For example, if your company sells eyes drops, distribute rack cards to eye doctors and specialty doctors in the field. Along with specific types of doctors, your rack card may get placed in hospitals, walk-in clinics, and blood drawing locations. At these businesses, you will have new potential customers seeing your rack cards every day.

Retail Stores

Shopping at a store can be overwhelming for people. Stores can have multiple sections and a lot to browse around. People often go on shopping trips with a set goal in mind. The large scale of stores is why many companies rely on rack card printing to reach out to consumers.

Even if you do not have a direct sale, a rack card id something customers can take for free and bring home. From there, the customer can read about your company and make decisions on various purchases. In the retail business, two sections use these rack cards often: electronics and foods.

In the electronics section, rack cards give details about new technology, cell phones, or digital subscription plans for various services. By using rack cards, your company has the ability to fit a lot more information on a rack card than just on a product.

On the food side of retail stores, rack cards are used to share coupons and recipes with consumers. A coupon rack card offers an ideal way to promote your product while giving them an instant coupon to use while in the store.

A recipe rack card gives a customer something tangible to go home with. The card can include multiple recipes and images which use your product to create the meal. This is a great way to promote a product while encouraging active use of the item.

Hospitality and Tourist Locations

Whenever you travel to tourist locations, you will have a difficult time ignoring the various giant rack card displays placed at so many different locations. These rack card displays are used for a wide range of promotions including places to visit, restaurants to eat at, and products to purchase.

If your company is seeking customers and tourists in the local area, then you may want to consider rack card placement in hotel lobbies. Guest checking in and out of hotels can easily browse the rack card selection to see different options and get exposed to your business.

By properly planning your rack card distribution, you will have the ability to reach customers and make effective use out of the classic printing product. Now that you know where to distribute your rack cards, take a look at what you should include while designing them.

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