How Printables Can Entice Buyers to Try Your Meals

Presenting a new food product is tough. Consumers need to know exactly what they’re purchasing and what is available for purchase. This is why it’s important to have a marketing strategy set in place before launching your food items.

The key to marketing is providing consumers with visuals of the product and presenting something that will catch their eye. Along with digital marketing, print marketing is still prevalent in the industry and a huge focal point when selling food.

There are a few different ways you can use printables to showcase your new products. Understanding the variety of options will help you select the best methods and further steps you want to take to promote your product.

Packaging Coupons

One of the easiest ways to promote a new food product is by offering a great deal on the product. People will be more willing to try out items if coupons and discounts are available. As you plan out the packaging for your food, you can work with a printing company to create coupons to go directly on the packaging.

Using direct packaging coupons makes it a lot easier for the consumer to cash in on the discount. They do not need to worry about downloading a coupon, printing one out, or clipping it from the paper.

The coupon discount can be done a number of different ways. You can provide a direct amount off the product or something like a buy-one-get-one-free promotion. The coupons can be printed for a limited run of the product or through a couple of shipments to see how they are performing.

Sample Store Displays

Another ideal way to show off new food products is by allowing customers to taste it directly. Food sample booths are often set up at grocery stores as a way to showcase new products and help increase sales.

Not only can you allow customers to eat and enjoy the food samples, but they can also pick up information about the available products and flavors you have to offer. Professionally printed brochures can feature images of your product and nutritional information and can serve as a guide to all the uses for your food product.

For inspiration, the brochure may include recipes with full-color images printed on them. You may even choose to include coupons in the print-out so customers are encouraged to take them home. If the samples run out, then the printables can provide more information for customers still curious about the product.

Local Grocery Mailers

While promoting a new food product, it’s a good idea to pair it with something customers look at on a daily basis. Grocery mailers are an important part of many people’s routines. They like to look through sales and make shopping lists for the week.

You can use small printed postcards and have them sent out every week with the local grocery mailers. The extra advertisement can reach the hands of customers directly and will be seen by the person in the home who does the grocery shopping.

Using vibrant, professional pictures and company branding is an ideal way to design these mailers and have the most success.

Crossover Product Advertisements

One way to guarantee that your product advertisement is seen is to have it inserted into another product. Ideally, this would be a product that pairs well with your own. For example, if you’re selling a new type of bagel, then you can have an advertisement placed on the cover or outside of a cream cheese package.

Planning out crossover advertisements will really help you branch out and team up with other food products to help make yours a success.

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