4 Ways to Increase Profits With In-Pack Marketing

Increasing sales a product helps your company make more profits, but there are other ways to increase profits besides the basic amount earned with each product sold.

Extra profits can help make a product more successful and lead to better sales down the line. One way to help improve sales is with in-pack marketing. In-pack marketing is a folded advertisement tucked into a product. When a customer opens the product, the in-pack marketing may be included with instructions for the item or appear on its own.

Make the most out of every product you sell by increasing profits in unique ways other than raising the price. When considering in-pack marketing, use these four different ways to increase profits while selling the item.

1. Coupons & Repeat Customers

One of the main marketing tools featured on an in-pack piece is coupons. If a customer enjoys the product, the customer is encouraged to return and purchase another item using the coupon. The coupon is ideal when used with various food products. Not only can the coupons help retain customers and encourage them to purchase again, but the coupon may help get new customers to purchase your product.

For example, if in-pack marketing contains multiple coupons, the person who purchased the item may choose to give the coupon to a friend so the person can purchase the product for themselves. Coupons also give you the ability to track where they are being used, giving you a better understanding of customer patterns and choices.

2. Alternative Products

The use of in-pack marketing materials also gives you the chance to showcase other products from your company. Through traditional advertising, it may be hard to expose all your customers to everything your company has to offer. Giving the visuals directly to a consumer will make them aware of different items available.

For example, if you’re selling RC cars, in-pack marketing showcases RC boats or other RC gear you have for sale. If the person likes the initial product, the buyer becomes aware of other products available for future purchases.

For food companies, the in-pack marketing is an ideal way to show off new flavors and alternative products. Using the in-pack materials on your most popular selling items will help you achieve the most exposure and help increase sales for some of your lesser-known products.

3. Ads

Sell ads to other companies to help increase profits before a product even sells. If you have a popular product, the amount you earn increases with each advertisement. Ideal ads feature product or services directly related to the product you sell.

For example, if you sell a cereal, you can feature in-pack marketing for a milk company. The ads may be visual ads or include coupons. If you are selling shoes, an in-pack ad may showcase a sock company. Work with various brands to establish relationships and increase profits for both companies involved.

4. Digital Connections

Another way to help increase profits is by offering digital connections through in-pack marketing. The use of Facebook links and other social media help establish a larger online presence.

Through online connections, your company may increase direct consumer orders, sign users up for digital coupons, and promote new products through different digital methods. All of the digital information prints directly through in-pack marketing. Finding ways to connect with consumers will only help increase sales and improve your company as a whole.

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