3 Printing Gimmicks to Help Your Company Stand Out at Trade Shows

As customers flock to trade shows and large events, they are presented with a lot of different materials, brochures, and advertisements. In the sea of printed paper and marketing, the ultimate goal is to have your company stand out and uniquely represent itself among the masses.

In some cases, standing out is not just about having a great product or company. You want to hook the consumer in with bold and unique advertising to truly make a great first impression. Understanding the various ways you can print out brochures and informational rack cards can make a big difference.

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  1. Novelty Shapes

The shape of your printout can help your company stand out among others. While many companies may choose to stick to traditional square or rectangle printouts, novelty designs can help draw attention to your brochures and marketing content.

The type of novelty shape depends entirely on the type of business you have. For example, a sports company may want to shape printouts in the form of a sports ball, like a soccer ball or tennis ball. A gaming company may choose to shape brochures in the form of a controller.

Any type of food company could choose unique food shapes for brochures. Design ideas include pizza, chicken wings, or another easily recognized food design. As you select a shape, you want to ensure it has plenty of space to fit your content and is not too awkward to flip through and browse.

  1. Die-Cutting

Die-cutting is the use of precision cutting tools to create unique designs and shapes in thicker printouts like cardstock. With the proper planning, your company can showcase a unique die-cutting design, which captures attention and showcases your branding.

Die-cutting can be done in multiple ways and styles to help printouts stand out. For example, the paper can be sliced into small shapes that only reveal part of a picture beneath it. When a consumer opens up the brochure, the whole picture is revealed in a beautiful way.

An example of this would be the front of a brochure with die-cutting to reveal a simply cherry. As the product opens up, the whole picture reveals a cherry sitting on top of a massive sundae. The big reveal is a huge payoff for consumers and encourages them naturally to read the brochure further.

  1. Folded Package Labels

When people attend trade shows and conventions, they love to obtain various freebies. Pens, Frisbees, and small treats are all common gifts found at these events. If your company is planning a product giveaway, then attach leaflets to each product to help with promotions.

Folded package leaflets can be attached directly to the outside of a product. The folded nature of the product takes up minimal space but can feature a ton of information. As a consumer opens up the leaflet, they discover coupons and company information connections to various websites and social media outlets.

A leaflet can be folded a number of different ways to feature the content you seek. You also have the ability to feature full-color printing, high-resolution photos, and double-sided printing for more detailed information. Anyone who takes one of the free products will also have all types of information available for them.

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