Quality & Security

At the Flottman Company, quality and security are our top priorities. Our quality assurance team takes pride in providing a completely monitored production environment and delivering a zero error production process. All our projects, regardless of industry, are held to the same high standards as our pharmaceutical endeavors. Be it medical device inserts, commercial folded printing jobs or a straight print project, every production is held to our strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and governed by our detailed current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).  This extra attention to detail differentiates us from other suppliers. Visit our plant and see our clean environment, our facility’s security and our quality assurance team that monitors every project.


Our Quality Assurance Supervisor, Terry Simpson prepares and activates an internal full-cycle audit of all processes semi-annually. With more than 20 years of quality service, Terry continuously monitors and updates the company’s SOP Training Manual. Terry also serves as host to clients and perspective clients that visit to audit our facility for assurance that all cGMPs and SOPs are being followed. In the history of Flottman Company we have never failed an audit. Because of Terry’s hard work and our facility’s culture of high quality we often set the benchmark of quality for other companies.

Our entire quality assurance team examines every project, every part and every procedure from start to finish. We use visual detection, barcode scanning and monitor track and trace all projects through the plant. Our complete in-house orientation and design services enable a detailed, multi-dimensional review of every preflighted project.  The quality team constantly reviews trending activities and offers recommendations, all while continually enhancing our production process.

Flottman Company pioneered the computer automated proofing system. Originally Flottman Company served as beta-site for testing of the Avia electronic proofing system, the nation’s initial automated proofing system. Currently we use Guardian Controls for our electronic proofing, whose system assures quality and consistency via a digital reader, proofer and anomaly detector. Because the majority of our inserts, miniature folding pieces and miniature printing components are for the pharmaceutical industry, they must follow an entirely different set of requirements demanded by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  We apply these pharmaceutical level standards to all our projects, whether for nutraceutical, medical device or commercial folded printing.


The Flottman Company’s ultra-modern facility is under constant surveillance. Because of our pharmaceutical requirements, our facility entrances and exits, even our loading docks, are all key-code required. The moment project supplies enter the building they are tagged, tracked and posted.  Our clients can inquire at any time where a project is, and we can give them a visual of their product’s production stage. We provide strict quality controls while maintaining flexibility and assuring project efficiency.

From text content conformation to precision measured finished miniature folded pieces; our state-of-the-art inspection, defect detection and process tracking components ensure your project will be consistent in quality regardless of quantity.

During production there are a series of security actions that assist in creating the best quality possible. We time and track purges, monitor our production logs hourly, review and tag every project for quality prior to release. Production areas are segregated by product to eliminate contamination and increase the level of security.  Our quality control team continuously monitor the production floor and conduct in process examination.  Inserts are constantly measured and remeasured for proportion congruence. We trace and track all projects numerically and package them within labeled and recorded trays.

All of our production is governed with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) from production, processing and packing of the finished products.