How to Improve Your Business’s Communications Strategy by “Promoting the Promotion”

Working with The Manifest, a provider of business news and how-to content; I was asked to add my take on business communications – here is the blog content we collaborated on.  

A business’s communications strategy is integral to its public relations, marketing, and reputation management strategies. Messages that are never received never really existed to begin with.

To improve your business’s communications strategy, Ed McMasters, director of marketing, communications, and design at FUSIONWRX Inc, one of the top PR firms, says businesses must “promote the promotion.”

Use Multiple Platforms

 Businesses have dozens of communication channels to choose from, so why choose just one?

According to a recent survey by The Manifest, 64% of small businesses use two or more channels when relaying messages to consumers.

64% of small businesses use two or more communication channels

My choosing a combination of channels, businesses can ensure their messages are being received by the widest possible audience.

“The big thing is, if you’ve got something to tell, tell it as many ways as you can,” McMasters said.

Sync Up Your Communication Channels

Businesses that use multiple communication channels should make sure their communication strategy syncs these channels together rather than keep them separate.

For example, if a company uses social media and their blog to relay information to consumers, they should make sure the content on both of these platforms complements each other and is designed for that platform.

“Don’t use just one channel, use multiple,” McMasters said. “And don’t repeat the message verbatim. Mix it up a little here and there depending on your audience. Your inquiry or your note about your blog would be different on Facebook than it would be on Twitter.”

Don’t Rule Out Traditional Channels

Online channels such as social media, blogs, and email tend to be the most popular but offline channels can be effective too.

Although most small businesses (69%) communicate with customers through online channels only, 23% of small businesses use a combination of online channels and direct mail.

Combining Digital Communications Channels

One in 20 businesses (5%) use only direct mail to communicate with customers. 

“There’s been a bit of a resurgence of direct mail,” McMasters said. “But it’s still an expensive way to connect. We do a lot of personalized email or personalized mailers here. At least those have a URL tied to them so you can track the people when they log in and try to combine it somehow with the web.”

Promote Your Content on Different Channels to Ensure Your Messages Are Received

Businesses can use different communication channels in tandem to make sure their messages are reaching the widest possible audience.

Not every communication channel is right for every message, which means it’s important your business consider the target audience, the nature of the message, and the type of return you hope to gain.

Approaching communications strategically will allow businesses to connect more meaningfully with their audience and strengthen their reputation.