How Printed Coupons Can Increase Sales

John Doe just got back from the grocery store. He opens up a box of cereal with hopes of a quick and tasty
meal. The packaging reveals a “Buy one, get one half off” coupon for the same cereal or any of its related
varieties. “Sweet!” John exclaims. A few days later, John returns to the store to purchase a different
variety of the same cereal brand that he’s always wanted to try.

The above scenario demonstrates the benefits of using printed coupons. The coupon offered John savings,
and it also led him to buy additional products of that brand that he may not have purchased otherwise.

As you can see, it pays to invest in printed coupons for your business and its products. In this blog,
we’ll list several reasons why printed coupons help with customer acquisition and retention. Once you know
these advantages, you can apply them to your own business’s print campaign in the near future.

1.  Coupons Incentivizeflottman feb blog pic

The last thing you want is an apathetic customer base, so market your business in ways that help existing
and potential customers get excited about your products. Printed coupons are one way to excite customers.

Think of printed coupons as a way to “dangle the carrot” for customers. Coupons offer customers percentage
discounts, bonuses, or free items with the purchase of other products.

After your customers realize you are offering lower prices or additional products to them, they become
more likely to choose your products in the future. In essence, coupons benefit your customers right now even
while they benefit your bottom line in the long run.

2. Coupons Call to Action

There’s a reason why every marketing campaign uses “calls to action.” These short, powerful statements
lead customers to connect with a particular company. In addition to giving your customers a reason to get
excited about a particular product, printed coupons let you spur customers to action.

On your coupons, use concise and bold wording to call your customers to a specific action, such as “Buy
two, get one free!” Notice that this statement makes use of an action verb in the form of a command. Yet it
doesn’t come off as commanding. Rather, the offered incentive gives your words an exciting and helpful tone.
Make use of printed coupons to prompt your customers to act.

3. Coupons Highlight Products

If there’s a specific product or service that you’ve recently developed, what better way to draw attention
to it than with a handy coupon? When you print coupons, tie incentives for commonly purchased items to a new

For instance, “Buy any select acme item and receive one [new item] half off!” Not only are you giving
customers a reason to buy more of your products in the near future, but you’re helping increase the
popularity of new products. Plus, customers get to try something new at minimal cost, which in turn increases
their satisfaction with the purchase.

4. Coupons Build Trust

When you offer a valuable coupon, it lets your customer base know that you want to help them save money.
Offering unsolicited help to consumers helps your business build a trusting and loyal customer base.

Of course, this trust and loyalty usually turn into positive word of mouth. As a result, you’ll keep
existing customers while gaining new ones. You can can also gain social media interaction through the use of coupons.

Since the invention of coupons, consumers have saved over $4 billion dollars. That’s a big number,
especially considering that most coupons require consumers to spend in order to save. Take advantage of the
power of printed coupons to build customer relationships and increase sales for your business. Your coupons connects your product to future sales and opens discussions on brand awareness.

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