Tourist Attractions: 4 Ways to Mix Advertisements With Useful Information

When tourists travel to new locations, they can easily feel overwhelmed or unsure of where to start their vacation adventures. Tourist booths, information centers, and rest stops often supply basic information — including nearby tourist attractions and things to do.

If tourists are one of the targeted customers for your business, then providing them with additional information can help ease their nerves about vacationing and create a potential new customer. There are multiple ways printed products offer information to customers while also promoting your business.

To be successful at reaching your tourist customers, you need to find a proper balance between promotion and information. Browse through these various ideas to see how you can increase advertising for your business and connect tourists to multiple information booths and locations.

Folded Maps

Free maps provide tourists with a local look at the area and can offer more information than just a general GPS or app. The tourist map should have clear directions to showcase specific attractions — including recreational activities, restaurants, and other local attractions.

Hours, rates, and special coupons help add to the map’s content and encourage tourists to take the map with them as they explore the sites.

As a producer of the map printout, you have the ability to make your business stand out front and center. Examples of this include printing your business logo on the map, using the reverse side to showcase an advertisement or listing highlights of your business around the map border.

A folded printout makes it easy for tourists to slip the map into backpacks, purses, or luggage as they make their way through tourist areas and attractions. Flottman Company, Inc., uses this technique with all tradeshows: we provide a folded map and agenda for the event.

Rack Card Lists

Restaurants, tourist centers, rest stops, hotels, and gas stations in tourist areas are known for their use of rack card displays. Rack cards are used to show off the local sites and provide other information about the nearby area.

Rack card printouts promote your business while also providing information the tourist might actually find helpful. For example, if you own a restaurant, you may want to print a rack card listing the favorite local meal options in the area.

If you own a tourist attraction like mini-golf, you may want to include a list of family-friendly or daytime activities in the area. Find a suitable list that applies to your business and then start utilizing rack cards. You could even partner with other businesses to create a full day of events.

Folded Shape Brochures

Printing innovations and die-cut technology have really changed the way prints can be made. Using gimmick and shaped printing, you have the ability to draw in tourist interest with the design of a brochure you provide guests.

For example, if your business is located in Texas, a printed brochure may be in the shape of a cowboy hat or the state of Texas. A unique visual theme helps draw the customer’s attention and promote your business at the same time. For example, if you’re a tennis event, consider a tennis ball–shaped brochure.

Ticket and Document Holders

While on vacation, many people have items like hotel keys, tickets to events, and maps that need to stay organized. A printed ticket and document holder is an ideal way to keep all of these items in a single location. Typically, these holders are provided to tourists as they purchase tickets, get their hotel room cards, or gather other information.

Your business information and logo can be printed directly on document holders which can then be provided to tourists. Your logo will be the main thing they see every time they need documents for the trip, and therefore, printing your business information on holders is a great way to showcase your company to hundreds of tourists every day.

Our professional printing services at Flottman Company can help you set up one or more of these projects. Within no time, you can have printed products ready for all types of tourist destinations. Give us a call today to get started.