Printing Impressions features Flottman Company’s Self-Promotion Success

Excited to be featured in our industry’s TOP publication: Printing Impressions Magazine (PI). PI reached out to Flottman Company & FUSIONWRX to see how we self-promote. It was an honor to be recommended for the article by executives from two different industries; Patrick Whalen (Great Reach Communications) and Toni McQuilken (NAPCO Media) testifying that Flottman Company was the perfect example of self-promotion. 

Thank you Ed McMasters, Flottman Company’s Director of Marketing & Communications for all your efforts to keep Flottman Company, Rxperts Group and now FUSIONWRX top of our clients and potential clients’ consciousness.  

“Makes for a great day to see our efforts be successful and be recognized,” Sue Steller, President

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