Pet Care Industry

The pet care and pet product industries are one of fastest growing disciplines at Flottman Company.  The American Pet Products Association estimates that Americans spent close to $70 billion dollars on their pets in 2017That’s an almost 20% increase in spending over the past five years.  Our inserts, booklets and brochures are ideal additions to products in the pet care industry. Take advantage of Flottman Company’s commercial folding expertise to make your packaging informative and engaging. Whether you want to include instructions, ingredients, promotions for other products or additional information, Flottman Company can help you deliver the information your customer wants and needs.

Many of our pet product companies want to have their inserts segregated from the package content so as to not contaminate the product.  Because of our extensive pharmaceutical leaflet experience we can solve that dilemma by individually  over wrapping each insert.  This co-packing procedure then protects the insert and the materials in the package.  This procedure is especially popular with many companies that we work with that deal in Cannabidiol (CBD) pet care products.

Sure Americans are spending more money on their pets than ever, but there has also been an increase in products in this market. Your printed materials and packaging can give you a step-up on your competition in this increasingly crowded marketplace.

Pet Care Package Inserts

Create inserts that fit seamlessly with your product’s packaging with our miniature folding technology. Miniature folding uses highly specialized equipment to fold down a large sheet of paper into a small size, and can be used to create inserts, outserts, instructions for use (IFUs), directions for use (DFUs), leaflets and more.

Growth of petcare industry

The petcare industry has grown exponentially over the past several years.

Inserts can be used as a way to share nutritional information, instructions, coupons or any other information you would like to share with your customers. Inserts allow you to advertise to a captive audience, and provide the opportunity to cross-promote additional products.

Flottman Company is an expert when it comes to miniature folding, and we offer a variety of fold patterns and sheet sizes to ensure we are able to accommodate your needs. We can print up to 6 colors (or 12 colors with double pass), and our variety of fold patterns can fold stock down to 0.5″. We can even place your inserts in plastic pouches or use sterility barriers to prevent contamination.

Every project produced by Flottman Company is governed by the accredited Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) to monitor design, production and manufacturing of every job that comes through our doors.

Not sure where to start? Contact our experienced pre-press department for assistance with your insert design.

Pocketable Brochures Commercial Folding

Miniature brochures are cost effective and easy to distribute.

Booklets & Brochures

Booklets and brochures can be beneficial additions to packaging and marketing in the pet care industry. They assist in building your brand and informing your customers. You can easily distribute them, either in your packaging, at stores or through other methods. Booklets and brochures give your customers a tangible object that remind them of your product.

You can use booklets and brochures to inform your customers about your product, or you can use them to enhance the customer experience. Consider including a branded puppy training guide in your dog food packaging, or a brochure with cat care tips with your litter packaging.

We can print your booklets on our offset equipment or with our digital equipment for smaller runs. Our booklet folder can produce booklets efficiently and with consistency. Flottman Company will handle every step of production, including printing, trimming and finishing, to ensure each piece fits your needs and meets our high production standards.

If you need help with brochure or booklet design, we can connect you with our marketing team at FUSIONWRX.

Complete Packaging

Consider partnering with Rxperts Group, a strategic partnership between Flottman Company, a folding carton specialist and a label and extended label provider, for a complete packaging solution. For over 20 years the Rxperts Group has serviced the pharmaceutical, medical device and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries with complete packaging solutions, including folded inserts, labels and folding carton production. Gain your complete packaging solution with just one call.