With our entire suite of security services entitled SecuRxperts we can provide protection for your inserts, labels and folding cartons. We are able to fulfill your serialization needs.  Our goals are to not only safeguard your products from tampering or loss but to establish a coordinated effort to reduce counterfeiting, illegal and falsified products.

We can apply barcode verification inline during production.  These barcodes can be utilized to track component and finished products across supply chains.  Product verification can coincide with each of the components.  Our barcode printing can include 2-dimensional matrix code, QR code or standard barcode identification.  Requirements of the US barcodes are not concrete but are considered to record: product number, serial number, batch number and expiry date.

Flottman Company’s primary focus will be to provide 2-dimensional serial codes for Professional Inserts (PIs) or Patient Package Outserts (PPI’s).  Flottman will have the capability to print 1 dimensional, 2 dimensional, pharmacode, datamatrix or quick response coding on all of our miniature folded inserts and outserts.  We have the ability to provide multiple alphanumeric fields to incorporate pertinent information such as lot number, product identification, production date, catalog number, inventory number, revision dates, etc.  Let us work with you to identify your track and trace needs for your miniature printed inserts and outserts.

Security Verification

  • Our entire production facility is secured and monitored 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • Each employee is screened and key-card recorded for all exits and entries.
  • We incorporate electronic proofing on all production to secure accuracy.
  • Application of identification coding for track and trace
  • Period and unscheduled physical counts throughout production.
  • Precision electronic reconciliation for all components.
  • Personalized Quality Assurance verification before any product exits our doors.

Ultraviolet Light Identifiable Security Printing


For added security options, Flottman Company’s SecuRxperts Security Solutions includes invisible ink printing as one of the multiple layers of security that we can add to your finished product. With miniature printing we can print logos, text, identification strips, color shifting barcodes and images that will only be visible under ultra-violet lighting. This printing feature of ultraviolet light identification ink provides covert serialization applications to confirm to newly required track and trace regulations.  Our prevention solutions reduce the opportunity for fraudulent reproductions.  Adding invisible ink printing to your miniature folding project can offer the protection and security needed in this time of track and trace focus.  Ask us how invisible ink can work for you.